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Ayan C. LaRoche

Nothing in life is promised...except Death.
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Jasmine Sanders
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Gemologist / Performer

Character Summary

Height: 5'9 Eyes: Blue

Intuitive. PTSD. Short Fuse. Bourbon. Southern Hospitality. Moonshine. Foul-mouth. Bubbly. Sassy. Gem Freak

A 5ft 9 girl who went through an awkward start to puberty. Her mixed ethnicity is apparent in the caramel tones of her skin, even more, told by her blue eyes. Her hair may be a mass of tiny coils one day or bone straight the next. She has a very bohemian fashion sense. Her style is very casual and she is quick to take off her shoes. That comes from years of walking barefoot in the rich soil of the bayou.

Reaching far back to the very roots of Voudon, Ayan's Paternal side descends from Marie Laveau. The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans known for Louisiana Voodoo. But, do not be mistaken Marie Laveau knew of the true Voudou of Haiti that derived from the Yoruba of Africa. It is said that Tituba's magic derived from the Arawak an indigenous people of the Carribean. While most of the family existence can be traced to the early days of Lousiana there are branches of the family in Haiti. Her Father and his Mother hail from Haiti with Yoruba origins, and made their home in New Orleans hustling hoodoo with real effects.

So it made the most absolute sense that her Demon had to be none other but 'Death' himself.


The Lovers. Tier 3

Ascension to “ANTEROS”

The Anteros has walked the middle path of love, finding contentment and happiness with someone who loves them back. These are also the avengers of unrequited love and lovers that have been betrayed.

Human Appearance Manifestation: You gain a pair of wings, capable of flying for a short period of time. These wings can be any color under the sun. All or parts of this appearance modification can now be shown in their ascended form. Which parts to use depends on player preference. They can now switch fluidly between their original form and their ascension form.

]You feel new possibilities within you. You can now manifest a golden bow and unlimited arrows, and have an innate preternatural accuracy with all ranged weapons. You can also easily persuade other people. The empathy dominion has a greater effect on you than on most. The dominions pathfinding, empathy, telepathy, and pheromones are now augmented. Any dominion you and the person you most care about share is also augmented. +1 on all rolls in staff moderated events whenever using one of those dominions, and your character may show unusual command of it for their mastery.

Character In-Depth

Ayan was born from a union of souls. Her father Fabian was a deep-voiced, poetic soul that came from a rich line of voodoo practitioners. His mother, Marie Laurette was a respected voodoo queen, who could trace her lineage directly to the infamous Marie Laveau herself. She knew from birth that Fabian was different, for although his Haitian father had skin and eyes as dark as coal? His eyes were a soft blue.

Fabian could see the spirits of nature at an early age, and when in trance could communicate with the Loa. He followed in his mother's footsteps and worked both as a conversationalist and as a figurehead of sorts in their remote community. Counselor, Healer, and in some cases a bringer of vengeance.

Her mother Kay met him during her tenure in college, studying marine biology and geology. She was attracted to the rich and unique Eco structure of the bayou and would often venture alone into the swamplands for her studies. A well-educated city girl lacking any real-world knowledge, she quickly found herself in peril due to an unexpected sinkhole. Fabian and several of his friends were tending to alligator poachers and heard her cries for help.

It was love, at first sight, some say. They wed not six months into their courtship and not long after that announced that they were expecting a child. Kaylin finished her master's degree while pregnant, often staying for weeks at a time estranged from her husband. Perhaps it was the stress or the separation from her love that made her miscarry. She only knew that she woke up to blinding pain and a bed soaked in her own blood. The doctors said that she may never be able to conceive again.

They retired to the bayou, and to the healing power of nature. Together, they worked tirelessly to help preserve Louisiana's bayous working with the local government and non-profit organizations. While they had success and lived a happy life they both wanted desperately to have a baby. Marie Laurette gave her daughter in law potions to try and enhance her fertility and bid her sleep with a series of purified and charged pink quartz circling her bed.

Four months into this rigorous regimen, Kaylin found that she was pregnant. The doctors warned her that it was a high-risk pregnancy and she was given strict medical care. However, all the stars aligned and her baby was born with the same blue eyes as her father. She named her baby Ayan Constance.

She was home-schooled by her mother, who had taken to a fascination with crystals. She took her daughter on digs with her, to uncover jasper, red agate or quartz in local stream beds. She learned a lot of their mineral composition, and magickal properties at the hands of her family and later on would come with her mother on digs in other areas to find rich items of chambersite, lodestone, and even fire opal. This was her childhood, learning at the hands of her mother and listening to her father strumming his guitar and singing at night. Sheltered and safe away from modern conveniences. They had a television but rarely used it. Instead, they were happy to listen to the radio and play the guitar. She learned Voodoo at the hands of her father and grandmama, and of the rich heritage of her Creole roots.

That's when Hurricane Katrina hit and swept it all away.

Ayan was the only survivor.

She woke up here in Death's arms. He said he would protect her, as he always had. A few years, and a bit of re-education, later Ayan was thriving. A natural musician, you could find her in a park strumming an acoustic melody. Maybe even singing the blues of old.

She managed to get an internship at the local Gemology Association. Her accumulated knowledge of stones gave her an edge. So she spends her time in a lab with a microscope grading gems. Every so often, she gets to indulge in a bit of field work.

It's amazing that she still finds time to scour the streets at night; as a part of a team possessing mythical weapons of legend.

Demon Information

Name: Grimm
Height: 6 ft 1
Codename: Reaper
Staff Height: 8ft
Blade Length: 4ft base. 6ft attack mode.

He remembered a time or so when darkness was all there was. He remembered a time when he was swung with impunity. He remembered a time when he was swung with purpose. The Scythe didn't bother taking a walking form before now. He was too busy slicing the lifelines of the damned, doomed, and dying.
He remembered existing in the realm of mortals as a thing of legend.
But here ...?
And for her?
The Reaper walks among you once again.

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