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Mikhail Ashcroft

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Do NOT mistake Mikhail's affection for his daughter to mean he is a kind demon as he is not. Miyuki is the only one immune to his violent outbursts and extremely nasty personality. Note to self. As of 1/14/18 Mikhail has 12 ooc posts

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Solo Demon
Joseph Morgan
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White Rabbit
CEO of Ashcroft Enterprise

Character Summary

"I’ll tell you what I know about death. Death dances silently in everyone’s shadow, and she doesn’t give a damn. So why give a damn about her?.”

Born to bloodshed and violence I have embraced my blood rights and nature. Damned be all those who think they can judge me for I will surely strike them down as I have thousands of other.

My pack is my life and I will protect it at all costs. Even if that means protecting its members from themselves. That is my duty, my burden to bear. Heavy is the head that wears the crown but I will wear it regardless.

Some say I am brash, volatile, short tempered, violent and cruel I will not try to deny this as there is no point. This is what I am. This is what a life of war and agony has molded me into and it has made me the warrior I am. The beast that none would dare cross. This is what keeps my family safe.

Perhaps one day we will know peace. Fear and paranoia will be laid to rest as all our enemies are struck down leaving none to remain but I am not a wistful dreamer. That day will likely never come.

But I will continue fighting for it. For my pack.

My family.

My love.




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Character In-Depth

Mikhail Ashcroft

"I’ll tell you what I know about death. Death dances silently in everyone’s shadow, and she doesn’t give a damn. So why give a damn about her?.”
                        ― N. Mikaelson

Miki, Mihi, Croft


October 9th

Solo Demon

English, Spanish, French, Latin, Greek, and many more

Southern Demon Realm



White Rabbits

CEO of Ashcroft Enterprise

Joseph Morgan

Coming from a violent childhood in the Southern Demon Realm, Mikhail has actually adapted very well to the modern human realm. He has adapted to the life of a CEO with a charming demeanor, sly tongue, and no nonsense manner. Most of his employees view him with respect and seem quite willing to put in hard work for him though they probably would not be as keen to please him if they knew his personal side.

Outside of work or even in his more illegal side of Ashcroft Enterprise Klaus is a cold and hateful man with a strong disdain towards humans. He views them as weak creatures who are unworthy of their demon companions and the powers they are gifted. This in turn leads him to treat humans as playthings, meant to be toyed with and used to his own personal pleasures. He delights in cruelty, violence, and twisting their minds into utter chaos as they lose their grips on themselves and in turn commit horrible crimes themselves.

The one part of his demon nature he has not only been unable to shake but also embraced entirely is his perchance for violence. From petty comments, back street brawls, to straight up twisted torture in his own disturbing labs, there is nothing that Miki enjoys more than the screams of his victims. To know their pain is his bringing, that they hang on the edge of life and death with his hand being the only thing keeping him on the edge, it being his gist to give them life or his pleasure to bring them death.

He also has an extremely high sex drive. Taking his pleasure from both the humans he hates and fellow demons whose forms he enjoys. Permission from the other participant is in no way needed for him to have his fun. In fact, the less they want it, the more he does.

The only ones immune to his violent nature are his siblings and his children. Knowing that Family is the strongest power one can has Mikhail holds his siblings and children very close to his heart, treating them with far more love and respect than he has shown any other being he has ever encountered. Not only does he accept his families varying personalities and life styles but he makes it his goal to learn as much about them as possible so he can embrace them with arms wide open. It truly is a shock for those who only know his dangerous side to see exactly how far he will go to help his loved ones and the depth of love he holds for them.

Not much is currently known about Mikhail's past as he does not enjoy speaking about it. All that is known is that he grew up in warring times of the Southern Demon Realm in which his parents were from allied kingdoms that united for strength. The two had many offspring to seal the alliance and bolster the power of their kingdoms. It is rumored the parent demons were actually unloving beings who despised their children, viewing them only as foot soldiers for their war and that eventually the children turned on the two, killing them and taking over the united kingdoms for themselves.

His time on earth though, Miki loves to speak about. From traveling among wandering people and learning their stories to his years spent whispering in the ears of a line of wolves, driving them absolutely mad, before finally settling into the role of a business man. He took several attempts at different business's learning different things during his time, leaving a trail of stories and bodies in his wake.

Along the way he would frequently return to the demon realm to visit his family there as Rebekah and Kolton were still there, ruling their lands. During one such visit he found the family trying to broker an unsteady alliance with a neighboring kingdom as both were being threatened by war breaking out in the Western Realm. A mating alliance was suggested by the other kingdom but all of the children were unwilling to enter such a situation after their own parents actions. Mikhail, however, soon got to know Kajina, the offered daughter, and much to all of their surprise the two got along famously.

They shared a passion for power and a love of family. While they did not care much for one another physically they knew for the sake of their kingdoms they could form the alliance though both swore their children would be treated as they should be and not as the Ashcroft children had been. Thus Niklaus was born. He was to be Mikhail's heir and a second child would some 200 years down the line in the form of Miyuki who was set to be Kajina's heir. With the alliance forged and the kingdoms now fighting together the pair moved their children to the earth realm.

There Mikhail was already steadfast set in his role with Ashcroft Enterprise, the leading pharmaceutical company of its time, though underground it was known for its role in producing more elicit drugs and even further down the rabbit hole that very few knew of were the companies research and experimenting with the bond between human and demon. Trying to see if they could be separated without the demon being reborn in a human body or if there was a way to forever suppress the human spirit leaving only the demon in control.

Kajina also founded and ran her own law firm, leading to a perfect union between the two. They bound their earthly assets as they had done their demonic ones, the human equivalence of 'marriage' and set about their new life. Not all was well though when their young son Miyuki announced he felt more like a she and wanted to embrace that side of her. While Mikhail researched and accepted the change easily Kajina was not so quick to embrace her daughter. She tried to talk Miyuki out of the change and even went so far as to threaten her into acting right. Apparently being raised with human culture had influenced Kajina so much she could not embrace her daughter. Despite most demons being gender fluid, Kajina was taught with biased, archaic human values on gender and it was not until she threatened to kill Miyuki for being 'defective' that Mikhail snapped.

He killed Kajina without batting an eye and when her family expressed their outrage and threatened to break their alliance he and his siblings killed them as well as any other who questioned them, eventually taking over Kajina's lands as their own until Miyuki was old enough to run them herself. As for the human side, the death was made to look accidental with the help of a few fellow White Rabbits, ensuring Mikhail's control over the law firm and Miyuki's inheritance when she came of age.

It took a while for things to settle down after that, but settle down they did. With his son off learning about himself and the world and a daughter who was learning about herself, Mikhail settled into the life of a single dad trying to raise his children, run his company, run his deceased mates company, and kill and rape his way across the city. Life was good.

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