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Edgar Valentino

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Adam Lambert
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Gula Prostitute

Character Summary

Edgar is a rather confusing character, and it is hard to be certain about anything when it comes to him. It is known that he likes to please people, though whether it is a sexual or non-sexual way is hard to tell. It is known that he likes tea, and has a collection of herbs that he uses, for what is up for debate. As for what he dislikes, those are easier to pinpoint. He dislikes coffee, having his pride wounded, being made an example of, and more often than not, being told no. His hobbies are growing and tending herbs, as well as collecting odds and ends, often items that look pretty or look like they are of some value. His fears are unknown, but it is speculated that he is afraid of dogs. This has ever been proven though.

Technopathy/Major/Control Based

Duplicity/Proficient/Power Based

Electrical Transport/Minor/Power Based

Dust/Lesser/Control Based

Weather/Proficient/Power Based

Deposition/Lesser/Power Based

Character In-Depth

Edgar is a rather flirtatious and sexual person, knowing just how to move and catch someone's attention. He often acts somewhat spoiled and hates to be told no. He knows what he wants, and he will do whatever he can to get it. It is hard to break him, to discipline him, but if you do manage he will hate you for it. He doesn't like to feel like he is beneath someone else, but he will go along with the whims of a higher up, but only because more often than not he must. He is very kind though, even if it can be hard to see that at first glance. He is willing to put the needs of someone else before is own if he cares for them, or if it is for work. He seems to have another side to him, one that is humble and either needy or eager to please. This is a side that no one has ever really seen, but it is one that he has. He is rather mysterious, so there is much about him as a person that is unknown.

Much of Edgar's early life is unknown to him, as he suffers from amnesia. All he remembers is waking up in a hospital, surrounded by a family saying that they will adopt him. This happened when he was 11. Before then, he had been living in the slums, struggling to get by. His parents had abandoned him, as he was never planned and they loved his sister more. He was a part of a group, where he had taken up the name Lucky. He and his group had been attacked by another group though, and he had been the only survivor. He had suffered an injury that caused him to have amnesia, and his adopted family decided to name him Edgar, as it was the name they were going to give their baby before they learned that there had been a miscarriage.

Edgar had grown up having anything he ever wanted. When he was 13 his parents gave birth to twin girls, who they loved dearly, and Edgar came to love as well. Even now he would do anything for the two of them. Around the same time though, he had been kidnaped and held for ransom. His parents refused to pay, so the people had used dogs to hurt him. This has led him to be absolutely terrified of canines, and he avoids them at all costs. He escaped on his own, and his family had felt bad for leaving him in that situation, but he knew why they did it since the two had wanted the twins in exchange for Edgar. Since then he has hardened himself, becoming a wild card with many moods and personalities. That is why it is so hard to read and figure him out.

His parents know of his profession, and while they are shocked, to say the least, they still love him and are willing to support him. They believe that the reason why he chose his profession as a way to cope with childhood trauma. They are somewhat disappointed though, as they had spent a lot of time and effort in getting him tutors to teach him many things. It is known that he has a knack for acting, playing piano, violin, signing, and writing/reciting poetry. As would be expected of the son of a rich family, and the successor of said family. His adopted parents pray that this is a phase and one that will end quickly. They are willing to support him, yes, but they wish for him to make a respectable living and live a respectable life with a steady income.

Demon Information

Edgar's demon, Corey, is an incubus and from the Circle of Lust. Corey has hinted to Edgar that he knows a demon named Aster, and claims to be the mystery man that Draco always speaks so fondly of. These are, of course, just claims. Corey knows he is attractive, and that he practically oozes seduction, being an incubus and all, and he isn't afraid to use it to his advantage. He will flirt and charm for everything, even using it to get out of paying for stuff. Being 60,000 years old, he has seen and done a lot of things. He was very active in ancient human civilizations, taking on the form of many different people. Octavian Agustus, Hadrian, Alexander the Great, Voltaire, Napoleon Bonaparte, and King Henery II are just a few. There is no real connection between why he chose any of them, as all of them had done different things in life and some are vastly different.

As far as hosts go, Corey has to say that Edgar is his favorite, as he is the least boring one he has ever had. Corey doesn't take to caring and getting close to people, but when he does, it truly is an honor. His main source of food is sex since he is an incubus, so Edgar's job is rather perfect in that sense. He is also said to like cake, but the reason behind it is unknown. He isn't very open about himself, so quite a bit about him is still a mystery.

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