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Grayson Ward

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Cody Christian
Human Pronouns
Human Age
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Demon Age

Character Summary


Grayson is a prostitute/escort working for the Gula Family of the Kairos. Well, working it putting it nicely. He is heavily indebted to the Kairos. He is doing what he can to pay back everything he owns (with interest) so he can regain his freedom and live a life without owing anyone anything!

He knows how to turn on the charm and be extra friendly when he has to be. He knows that he needs friends to survive. As for his enemies, he doesn't want to destroy the Kairos or anything like that. He just wants to part ways and have nothing to do with them ever again. He is rather apprehensive around authorities like the Legion though. And romantically, although his demon is mega gay, Grayson is more bisexual. Grayson is great at pretending to be in love in order to please his clients, but he has rarely felt the true thing.

The Hierophant Tier 1. Ascension to "THE SILVERFISH"
The silverfish is attracted to gaining knowledge, but they devour it, twist it, and impart a twisted version of it onto those they take under their wing. Knowledge changes in the silverfish’s head, and that distortion continues when it comes out of their mouth. Mentees and students of a silverfish may end up more the servant to their ego than a student to their teacher.
You feel new possibilities within you. You can now read and learn more quickly and understand more of what is read. The dominions paper, technopathy, telepathy, and empathy are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.
♂ DREAMS (lesser, control)
♂ INVISIBILITY (proficient, power)
♂ ELASTICITY (minor, power)
♂ DUPLICATION (minor, control)
♂ POCKET SPACE (proficient, power)
♂ TELEPORTATION (minor, control)
♂ PHEROMONES (lesser, control)

Character In-Depth

TW: suicide, death, prostitution

Grayson Ward was born in Texas to a family made rich by gambling. Both his mother and his father were high risk gamblers who were always pressing their luck. They always chased after higher and higher risks. Eventually the world of legal gambling was not enough. Soon they were gambling illegally in The City to avoid taxes, restrictive laws, and any oversight. They wanted to maximize their profits. They wanted more and more. No amount of money could satisfy their greed. They even introduced their son into the world of gambling. It was their way of life, and they were great at it.

But one day their luck ran out. Good luck does not last forever. The Ward family had the luckiest winning streak in history, but all it took was one all-in loss to ruin them completely. They lost everything. They lost their stashes of cash, their homes, their cars... everything. They were destroyed and distraught. Their own greed was their downfall. And they decided to end their lives on their own terms, leaving Grayson to pick up the pieces.

Grayson was charged with paying back the bets of his parents, and when he revealed that he couldn't, his freedom was taken from him. He was taken up by the Invidia Family of the Kairos and sold to the Gula Family. There he could attempt to earn back his money... the hard way, but based on the large sums of money he owed, he was destined to spend the rest of his life as a prostitute... unless he got lucky.

Before all the tragedy, Grayson was a talented athlete. He played both football and baseball for his high school. Hey stayed in tip-top shape and continues to do so to impress his clients... his clients were his key to freedom. The more money he made from them, the sooner he would be free.

Demon Information

♂ ♂ ♂ ♂ ♂ ♂ ♂ ♂
♂ ♂ ♂ ♂ ♂ ♂ ♂ ♂
TW: consent issues

His name is Ganymede the Cup-Bearer and he was once described by Homer as one of the most beautiful mortals in existence.

Ganymede claims that he was once Zeus' favorite mortal. He claims he was scooped up by Zeus, brought to Olympus, and had a loving relationship with the god. What he doesn't tell anyone is that he wasn't scooped up voluntarily and he had to constantly compete with others for Zeus' attention. Ganymede claims to be the cup-bearer of the gods, and says that after spending so many years with them, he ascended into something greater than a mere mortal human.

He turned into a demon?!?!

He doesn't know much about why or how it happened, and he doesn't think he'll ever comprehend the powers of the gods. He claims that one day he fell asleep, died, and awoke many years later as a demon.

Perhaps it was a curse of jealousy by Zeus' wife Hera!

And now he waits for Zeus to come down and take him back to Olympus... and even though he has mostly abandoned the idea of being picked up by the god again, he still secretly clings to a bit of hope.

Ganymede is an expert on wine after serving it to the gods for such a long time. He is also a bit of a paradox sometimes. He's both shy and a nudist. He takes the form of a handsome young man when he feels brave enough to make an appearance outside of his host. He has a healthy libido and gives a boost to his host's libido. Despite the sexual nature of his existence, he is not much of a seductress. He did not actively seduce Zeus. Zeus was seduced by his beauty. Ganymede is only attracted to men, especially those who present with more dominant personality traits.

Despite his rich history, Ganymede is not very confident. He feeds off of his host's confidence. If Grayson loses confidence, Ganymede will quickly try to cheer him up, encourage him, and flatter him. Ganymede also feeds on courage, lust, and pleasure. Ganymede fills Grayson with kinder, more nurturing feelings in return.

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