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Blair Penelope Rutherford

the martyr
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Character Information

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Human with Primal Demon
Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey
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Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
waitress / photographer / thief

Character Summary

------- DEMISEXUAL ------- TRILINGUAL ------- NEUTRAL GOOD ------- ISFJ / THE NURTURER ------- PISCES ------- MOODBOARD ------- PLAYLIST ------- WARDROBE -------

Standing 5'1" and weighing barely 100 pounds, everything about Blair Rutherford screams small. Delicate. Fragile. A rabbit, a doe, a victim waiting to be hunted. But the demon inside her is perfect contrast; everything she is not. This adds an volatile unexpectedness to her. Sweet, kind, and entirely unstable; one moment her mood will be something, and then the next it will be something else. The stronger Raijin the gets, the less control she has over what it wants. Most of the time when she feels such rage, she is unsure over who is in control. Is she simply acting out what it feels, or is it in control of her body for her? Occasionally she blacks out during the rages, but not most of the times. Most of the time she remembers, much to her despair. The more her demon comes out the more her mind begins to crack, and she has recently began to develop symptoms of disassociation; leaving gaps in memory, spacing out for hours, and not feeling like she is real.

Ascensions and Legacies

The path of the bloodwort is one of madness, illness, and hysteria. The words sardonic grin were coined for the symptoms of bloodwort: your lips curl up into a grin as the toxins cause convulsions that eventually lead to death. The bloodwort is a figure of self-destruction.
You feel new possibilities within you. People now find you uneasy to be around. The dominions necromancy, necrosis, biomancy, and blood are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.







Character In-Depth

Born into poverty in the slums of Ghost Town, it was just Blair (or little Bee as her mother would call her) and her single mother working to keep the two afloat. Adalene was a thing of beauty, and when weeks were tough she'd turn to street work in order to keep the little apartment her and her daughter had. These cycle continued until Blair was around five, and Adalene met Tsukiyomi Shou, a man who helped her find a job enough to keep her and her daughter in their little apartment. Shou also had a little girl, and thus was how Blair and Kiku met. With a knack for languages (her mother had raised her bilingual as it was) Blair began learning sign language, and the two were tied to the hip as if they had been sisters all along.

As the years went by and the two remained connected, Shou and Adalene developed feelings for each other. Not wanting to disrupt their children's routine though, they kept those feelings to themselves. It was a mutual understanding between the two, they were there for each other and their girls were often together, but any romance was put aside for themselves. Despite this, that didn't stop the two from feeling what they did for years to come. Shou, as it turned out, was the only one Adalene ever told the truth about Blair's father too. A man with cruelty and blood to his name, she had left him when she found out she was pregnant for the good of her child.

Blair had always been a sweet, gentle girl, but as her demon began to develop inside her, her mood began to become more and more unstable. The demon she shared her body with was one of rage and hate, and as she got into her early teens Blair began to have fits of pure rage. Her mood would switch on a dime, overwhelmed by what her demon felt, with little control over herself due to her young age and inexperience. Her demon was a primal one, and while it didn't speak to her in words, it had a strong effect on her well-being and emotions. The first real event that this caused was when Blair was twelve. Her and Kiku had been playing when the demon had flipped, and in a sudden blind rage, Blair pushed Kiku down the stairs. Although nothing serious happened from it, Blair was horrified at herself for what she had done, and ran away without a single word.

The streets are no place for a little girl, and Blair soon learned this. If it hadn't been for her demon flashing images through her brain on how to survive, or giving her bursts of fight or flight, she might not have made it through. Almost a week she was out there alone, and despite the fact her heart ached for her family, she refused to go back, ashamed of what she had done. But despite her demon giving her instincts, she eventually fell ill due to the cold nights, slowing her ability to run. Instead, she curled up and waited for whatever would come. All three had been looking for her, and they found her just in time, bringing her back home and nursing her back to health.

Kiku had insisted on staying with Adalene the first few days while Blair was critical. She sat by her bedside and when Blair was awake enough, made her promise never to run away like that again. It was after this event that Blair asked Kiku help her find a name for this beast living inside her. They decided on the name Raijin, named after the god of lightening, thunder, and storms.

The girls grew into adulthood, and everything was normal until the night Blair received a phone call. Tsukiyomi Shou had been gruesomely murdered. It was with his event Blair's life began to crumble. The man had been the closest thing she'd ever had to a father, and it broke her heart too when he died. But it wasn't just him she lost--- she also lost her mother and Kiku. Adalene began to fade away after the news of his death, perhaps life had finally been to much for her, perhaps she just couldn't take anymore--- Blair will never know. All she knows is her mother was never the same afterwards. Something took her away. She was there physically, but her mind began to slip away. Soon she stopped going to work, stopped going outside, and nineteen year old Blair was left to take care of her mother and herself. Kiku withdrew from her after this, and with working multiple jobs to try provide, Blair didn't have the ability to run after her.

The entire structure of her mixed family was shattered that month, and for the first time Blair was truly alone.

It wasn't very long before Blair knew she wasn't going to last like this. The bills kept coming faster than she could pay, and soon she was forced to take to the streets for more work. With a slender frame and unassuming face, she's been able to make her use as a thief. Not associated with any factions, she steals when she has to in order to take care of herself and her mother. She knows it's dangerous in this city to slip your hands into unknown windows and pockets, but what choice does she have? One day, she's going to take from the wrong person, and it's going to cost her. She knows this, but runs the risk all the same.

Demon Information

------- DIET ; FEAR ------- 6 FT TALL ------- NON-BINARY ------- JUVENILE -------

there's something in the shadows

it wants to consume


Raijin was the name the demon was given by it's host, after the Japanese god of storms; but it has no true name. No name, and no desires other than to feed . Young and greedy with the growing pains of hunger, this beast feeds off of fear. It does not speak but has great influence over it's hosts emotions; driving them to do what it wishes with such intense instinctual drive. A primal demon of a demanding nature; the more influence it gains the more the it's host mind begins to crack. It's already cycled through six hosts in it's short lifetime, none of them living long due to being driven to insanity.

how long will you last?

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