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Evelyn Dunn

Mother. Fucker.
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Emilia Clarke
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Invidia Captain

Character Summary

A workoholic, though not by choice, Evelyn practically lives at the Tyche Casino. She is in charge of personnel, managing the casino itself, and running the many online sites that the company manages. It's a tight ship, with resources and time allocated to a T. (Get it? T? For Tyche? Yeah, humour's not her best quality.) While on the surface, it sure looks like she's got her shit together, internally that is... not the case. Her shit is sadly not all collected in the same point of space and time. It's all over the place. Someone please send help. This can show in flashes of extreme cynicism or pessimism, but for the most part Evelyn can succeed in keeping this under wraps, at least at work. It doesn't change the fact that she knows she's playing a dangerous game, and it might be too late to call it quits prematurely.

The Hierophant Tier 1. Ascension to "THE BOOKWORM" The bookworm is attracted to gaining and disseminating knowledge that they take as scripture. Hungry to learn, and hungry to impart what they’re learning, followers of this path thrive in conventional knowledge but may stutter when faced with a creative challenge. The bookworm is a path for teachers and mentors. You feel new possibilities within you. You can now read and learn more quickly and understand more of what is read. The dominions paper, technopathy, telepathy, and empathy are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

The Hermit Tier 3. Ascension to "THE CARD SHARK" The card shark is a trickster; they appear to be legitimate, but in fact use deceptive means to win their hand. Individuals who follow this path are people who are sneaky, who may appear legitimate but in fact are perfectly willing to use trickery to accomplish their goals. They are also individuals who are innately conniving. The Card Shark is, at their core, dishonest. Subterfuge is their main game. Human Appearance Manifestation: You are now able to summon thorns to your body, typically wrapped around limbs or your forehead; these thorns are formulated on vines and may cut or bite into you depending on their position. How many thorns and what kind of vines they are attached to, as well as where they appear, is entirely up to you! You can now switch fluidly between your original form and your ascension form. You feel new possibilities within you. You are now able to cast small illusions (such as changing the way a card looks to someone, or the color of a flower) to better facilitate your deceptions. You can also now tell better lies, and do better card tricks. The dominions mimicry, duplicity, pheromones, pathfinding and invisibility are now augmented. +1 on all rolls in staff moderated events whenever using one of those dominions, and your character may show unusual command of it for their mastery.

I. AugmentationMajor | Control
II. Force FieldMinor | Power
III. InvulnerabilityMinor | Power
IV. MimicryLesser | Control
V. Superior EnduranceProficient | Power
VI. TechnopathyProficient | Control

Character In-Depth

Evelyn doesn't have a gambling bone in her body. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for her father. Having been stuck with his ever-growing debt since she was young, Evelyn started working for Invidia at a young age, not because she really wanted to, but because the alternative was Gula instead, and good old dad had a huge fucking debt to pay off. It was dangerous as hell but the pay was good for a teenager with almost zero marketable skills, and Invidia put a laptop into her hands and let her go (almost) wild. She proved to be good with computers. Data analysis and modelling and all that jazz. As long as she kept her head down and didn't piss off the wrong people, everything would be okay. Terrifying, but okay.

That was her life all through high school and university. Study like crazy. Work like crazy. Slowly chip away at her debt while dad quietly replaced his gambling addiction with a drugs one. Stick him into rehab when things went to shit. Rinsh, wash, and repeat. She was good at it. Great, even. A veritable virtuoso at making things look alright when they absolutely decidedly are not, and she would had gotten away with it too, if just when she had enough money saved up quit for good, all Hell hadn't broken loose. Overnight, half of her coworkers- dead. The Invidia vice lord- dead. Her captain- dead. And from the rubble and ashes of the Kairos family, Gabriel motherfucking de la Croix made his pick for the new gambling captain- Evelyn.

Why? Because fuck her with a chainsaw, that's why.

But okay. That's okay. That's fine. She's learned to pretend things are fine when they're not. She's learned to survive everything Kairos has thrown at her. She can survive this too. Keep your head down, do a good fucking job, and everything will be A-okay. Nowadays, money is the least of her worries. Evelyn runs herself ragged keeping the casino in good working order, having restructured it from the ground up after the Invidia family's 'restructuring', and managing every online site Invidia owns. She manages the staff, keeping track of their dominions and schedules. Stations at least one person with the force field ability at all times, and a few with strength, speed, and augmentation. You know, for security purposes. Refines the games mix models continuously. Keeps the code for all their IT needs nice and clean. It's going great. It's going fine. She'll be okay. She knows what she's doing, you have to at least give her that.

Demon Information

Evelyn, from day one, has had zero means of communicating with the thing that is apparently her partner demon. It takes the form of a tattoo of a serpent, slithering across her skin like a living thing, moving ink that travels across her body. With no information about it to go off of, she has taken to calling it "Ouroboros". This name is probably wrong. All she knows is that it does what it pleases, and has a frightening habit of squeezing when she's particularly nervous or angry. The ink is cold to the touch, like ice, and she has learned to live with this perpetual chill down her spine.

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