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Thorbjorn Olafsson

"Whosoever holds this hammer,

if he be worthy,

shall possess the power of Thor."

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Alexander Ludwig
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
1/2 Brigade

Character Summary


Thorbjorn Olafsson, who goes by Bjorn to make things simple, is a fearless young man and a capable Legion patrolman. One might think he chose that career to help others. Perhaps it started out that way, but he definitely became much more self-centered over time. For the right price, he's willing to turn a blind eye to criminal dealings or even crack some skulls. He may be brave and courageous, but that doesn't mean he's always noble and virtuous. There are some crimes he will never let go no matter how much he is offered, but he doesn't sweat the small things.

Bjorn is a great guy to have around at a party. And he likes to make work fun. He is easy to become friends with... until you decide that he and his demon are far too obnoxious... or you make them mad. He likely has plenty of enemies. Most criminal types are his enemies... unless they're putting money in his pockets. As for love? Well, he's a bit of a womanizer, a manizer, and any kind of -izer you can think of. He likes sex and he just doesn't do that whole "monogamy" thing. Boring! There's plenty of Thorbjorn to go around!
Ascensions and Legacies
The Lovers Tier 1. Ascension to "THE MONTAGUE"
The montague pursues their relationships aggressively and single-mindedly, no matter what trials must be overcome. The Montague’s biggest weakness is their rushed decision-making. They leap headfirst when a more circumspect person would dip their toes.
You feel new possibilities within you. You can now easily persuade other people. The empathy dominion has a greater effect on you than on most. The dominions pathfinding, empathy, telepathy, and pheromones are now augmented. Any dominion you and the person you most care about share is also augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

The Chariot Tier 2. Ascension to “THE CRUSADER”
The crusader is a battle-worn soldier, well-traveled and victorious many times over. They are steadfast in their beliefs - no matter what those beliefs may be. They are uncompromising and merciless, and expect no compromise or mercy in return.
You feel new possibilities within you. You now experience increased strength and endurance. You also have a new understanding of battle and tactics, allowing you to see new ways to defeat your foes. You can now manifest one weapon at will, whether or not you’re in ascension form. You are limited to the same type of weapon every time you summon it. If the first time you summon your weapon, it’s a hunting knife, it will always be a hunting knife. The dominions fire, blood, combustion, and poison are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.
ϟ WEATHER (major, power)
ϟ SUPERIOR STRENGTH (major, power)
ϟ SUPERIOR ENDURANCE (proficient, power)
ϟ SUPERIOR SPEED (minor, power)
ϟ FLIGHT (lesser, power)
ϟ INVULNERABILITY (minor, power)
ϟ ELECTRICITY (lesser, power)
ϟ BERSERK (minor, power)

Character In-Depth


The mythical god of thunder, Thor Odinson, is not the only influence in Thorbjorn's life.

Thorbjorn Olafsson was born and raised in Iceland. His father was Icelandic and his mother was a resident of The City. Thorbjorn's father was also a famous strongman who competed in the World's Strongest Man competitions... you know... the ones where you're not allowed to use the help of demons. Anyway, his father was really good at it and Thorbjorn was proud of him. From an early age, he joined his father in the gym and developed a love for all things sporty and physical. However, being a World's Strongest Man was not for him. He liked other sports like hockey, swimming, and wrestling. He was popular, well-liked, and had a great childhood.

When adulthood came along, Thorbjorn became interested in law enforcement and the military (because they're all supposed to be brave and bad ass just like him!). He also wanted to go to The City and visit the land where his mother was from. He fell in love with the monstrosity of a floor called Behemoth and made it his new home. It was not long before he joined the Legion, got an apartment, and began living the life of a simple patrolman.

However, the simple life was not the life for Thorbjorn. He was not the type to "live to work." He was the "work to live" type. Soon he began taking payments from various gangs and organizations to do things like looking the other way and arresting their enemies. It made the simple patrolman life a lot more fun... especially since he was making a lot more money. Having more money made life a lot more fun! What was the point of having the name of a god if he could not live like one!

Demon Information


Her name is Mjolnir. Yeah... THAT Mjolnir.

She is no prude. She is far from it. She is more akin to a stereotypical Viking warrior trope. She's quick to call someone a mean name, but she has a lot of bite to back up her bark. She has an opinion about EVERYTHING her host does, and she's not afraid to let him know. She hates cowardice and adores strength and bravery. She likes to be loud and thunderous, and she likes to party. "SOMEONE PASS THE MEAD!"

Mjolnir claims to have been wielded by the real Thor before. However... she cannot recall how she ended up in the hands of a human. Must have been something wild though!

Mjolnir first appeared to Thorbjorn as a hammer... one that only he was able to lift. As he aged, she began to speak to him with a rough feminine voice. She claims that Thorbjorn is the only human in existence worthy enough to wield her and the power of Thor. But she also thinks he should "grow some balls" and "stop being such a pussy all the time." What a great influence, right?! Mjolnir feeds off of courage, bravery, and valor... and she also feeds when her host is drunk. How does that work? Maybe there's nothing braver than a drunk man with no inhibitions!

No matter what though, Mjolnir is dedicated to preparing her host for battle. She believes he is key to preventing Ragnarok and the end of the world. There are always does to slay!

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