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Shion Nagakura

There is strength in gentleness
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This is my sweetie pie! Antique store owner and dreaming to be a singer someday! If you want to plot, feel free to hit me up on discord or PM my OOC account!

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Kwon Boa
Human Pronouns
Human Age
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Demon Age
Antique Shop Owner

Character Summary


shion nagakura NICKNAME » Shi-Shi, Eon, Nagi, Shina, Shiny AGE » twenty-three SEXUALITY » heterosexual MARITAL STATUS » single LIKES »
• Playing guitar
• Singing
• Playing Piano
• Dancing
• Children
• Making people happy
• Cooking
• Helping the unfortunate
• Animals
• Liars
• Cheaters
• Bullies
• Crying
• Senseless violence
• Theft/thieves
• Negative people
• Humid summers
• Marmalade - it's too bitter
the good

You can call her Shion, Shi-Shi, or just plain Shiney. She answers to all of them with a smile.

Shion has a kind heart, far kinder than what should be aloud in this new and modern society where everyone is stealing and fighting to get their daily bread. She maintains a sort of optimism in this sick world and always believes that she will be reunited with her siblings someday. Shion is not fond of violence, but will use it in order to defend herself and those she loves. However, she really is a gentle soul at heart and would never wish for the harm of others to befall upon them. Life has already thrown her too many harsh realities as it is. No need for Karma to come and bite her in the ass again for being bitter and resentful.

the bad

Though Shion is gentle, she has a fighting and liberating sort of personality. She will not tolerate the oppression of the weak nor will she allow to see others becoming corrupted by power or greed. Shion hates watching what little part of humanity deteriorating. Her goal is to preserve the goodness that she knows still exists in people's hearts. Even if she has to deal with her own inner struggles in the process.

She is not one to mince words. She will say what is on her mind often, especially so if she is in the company of brazen individuals. If someone is being an idiot, Elizabeth will tell them they are being such without hesitation. Despite her soft voice, there is a razor edge to it that can stop some in their tracks and make them feel as though they are the biggest fool on the planet. Nevertheless, Lizzie also gives compliments when they are earned, as with respect. She respects only those who can earn the right to be deemed as such in her eyes. She will not be condescending to those she encounters unless they encroach on her space.

the heartache

Shion had a crush when she was younger; a member of her band a long time ago. But she has long since lost touch with them and has fallen into a regular routine of her life in The City and running her Antiques Shop. She has never known true heartache or true pain and suffering. Her life has been easy, carefree, and filled with happiness.

Every once in awhile, Tokko will feed on the hesitation and doubt inside of her. Of whether it was right for her to give up her dreams of becoming a performer. Shion dreams about a man whom she often refers to as "Kenji-kun" and her "husband." She also sees another person; a man with tattoos and piercings and who has an infectious smile and warms her heart. Her dream self longs for this man, despite calling the other in her dreams "husband" so she is very confused and holds all of these feelings very close to her.

the truth

Overall, Shion exhibits a very strong and independent character, with this same strength is a cloak of gentleness that she often wraps around those she feels the need to be enveloped by it. Shion is a profound thinker - her wisdom one to be rivaled only with her brother and his experiences. However, if she is asked for help from anyone, Shion is more than happy to give her assistance to any and all who need it. Whenever she gets the chance, Shion steadily adds more to her library of books to skillfully wield her talents further.

Shion is a very gifted girl who shies herself away from certain elements of the world. Incredibly in tuned with life, she refuses to be, or turn into anyone other than herself. She likes the quiet calm when by herself, but these are also the times when she sinks into a bit of a slump and wonders what she is doing with her life.

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Character In-Depth

Shion Nagakura

a l i a s e s
Casual: Shi-Shi, Eon, Shiny
a f f i l i a t i o n
• Human with Civil Demon
• Owner of Esprit Antiques
• Unaffiliated
s e x u a l i t y
• Heterosexual
s t r e n g t h s
• Patient
• Compassionate
• Understanding and generally level-headed
• Non-biased - always takes an objective versus subjective approach to things
• Excellent cook
a g e
True Age: 23
Birthday: April 17
o c c u p a t i o n
• Antique Shop Owner
• Volunteer & Part-Time Tutor
p h o b i a s
• Wasps
• Knowing what the true meaning of her dreams are
• Feeling like she has no purpose in life
w e a k n e s s e s
• Lost children
• Not wanting to be a burden
• Sweets in general; pastries specifically
• Body art
• Urban fashion design
• Sunrises

b a c k g r o u n d - c h e c k

Nagakura Shion only remembers three main things from her childhood. The first? The orphanage. The second? Foster homes. The third?

Her brothers: Ahira and Shohei.

For the first ten years of Shion's life, she only got to experience the life of an orphan and, when she turned the age of six, she was moved into a foster home for proper child care. However, the foster mother she stayed with was having her fourth child and so they returned Shion to the orphanage. It was there, at the age of ten, Shion returned only to be reunited with two brothers she hadn't laid eyes upon since she was a mere infant. Though she knew nothing of them during the past decade, the bond they shared upon meeting was unmistakable. There was no denying that she was a Nagakura...that this was her family.

A promise to meet in Tokyo on her sixteenth birthday had been made and while she hated to part from her brothers, Shion was adopted by a family who lived out in Hokkaido and it was here she lived the past five and a half years of her life. During her time in Hokkaido, Shion enjoyed the cool weather it brought and with the cold weather came the development of her powerful singing voice. It was as if the chill of the night demanded her to polish her skills as a singer. Her numb fingers could play any guitar with no trouble at all; a truly God-given talent that had been blessed upon Shion. She was even gifted at the piano!

She would not let it ever go to waste.

Soon her talent was spreading all throughout her small neighborhood in Hokkaido and all of her friends wanted to hear her sing the beautiful songs she'd written. A band was formed: Remnant.

Their popularity grew and Shion decided that she wanted to travel with her group and go to different towns and perform just for fun. They all agreed it would be a great idea, gathered up their gear, hopped into a van and hit the road. Just outside of Tokyo they were going to set up a concert and blow the audiences away. Just one performance was all they wanted; maybe they'd even get heard. Who knew? All they could really do was try.

Shion would be sixteen in just a few short weeks and right outside of Tokyo. She would be reunited with her brothers soon.

Unfortunately, her brother, Shohei, had managed to get into some kind of trouble with Japan (and apparently it wasn't the first time) and (by some kind of miracle on his part) managed to track her down. But go figure that the one day she was going to make her debut in Tokyo that Shohei yanked her off stage and tells her they're heading abroad and didn't know when they'd be back. Unable to say farewell to her band mates, she was forced to travel to The Demon Realm with her brother. What's worse?

She had to go to high school. Bleh.

School came and went without much incident and she graduated. But Shion decided not to go to college. She didn't want to burden her brother and he was still on edge about being found by whoever was still after them. When asked what she wanted to do, Shion kept her real dreams hidden. So, intead, she opted to just open up a simple shop with antiques and the like - something simple while she would mingle around in Ghost Town while he got into whatever it was. He never brought trouble home, so she never really saw a reason to worry over him.

Years passed and she has fallen into a nice, comfortable routine. Shion is happy and carefree, just as she'd always been. But part of her wants to continue her passion for music; for performing. She just didn't know if she had the heart to tell her brother that.

But lately, Shion has been having weird dreams. Dreams of a life she doesn't know and so she believed them to just be that: dreams. But something was definitely amiss. She kept seeing two particular people in her life. One man that she would often refer to as "husband" and another who went by the name of "Akito."

Demon Information

there is true strength in gentleness
When we were in flames,
I needed, I needed you
To run through my veins,
Like disease, disease
And now we are strange.
winter - daughters

She calls herself Tokko.

There is very little known about Tokko, other than the fact that she is a demon who is always very in-tuned to her surroundings. While she enjoys Shion's company and is fiercely protective of her, she often keeps to her thoughts to herself.

Though mostly a private demon, she does not have issues sharing her opinions with Shion. Others she cares little for. Tokko is also a demon who has no reservations about attacking anything or anyone that looks like it's a threat to her host.

She has a gaze that's as cold as ice.

Tokko is primarily a demon that embraces winter. Ice, water, shadows. All the things in life that come with the chill bite of winter frost is associated with her. Her true form is that of a silver and blue fox with two tails and piercing blue eyes - about the size of a full grown Great Dane. But she is a warm-hearted creature toward Shion and usually listens to what Shion has to say. She isn't one to go against her since their end goal is usually the same.

Despite her gentle disposition to Shion, Tokko is not a demon to be trifled with. Like all of them, the have had their own share of battles in the world and she has fought long and hard to survive up to this point. While Shion normally is the one who takes care of most conflicts, Tokko is not afraid to take matters into her own hands either. She is, however, a demon who feeds on emotions and her preference is that of doubt and uncertainty.

Never mistake her kindness for weakness.

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