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Dhanish Arram

If you get yourself killed,

I will never forgive you

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Character Type
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Human with Civil Demon
Mahesh Jadu
Human Pronouns
Human Age
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Demon Age
Professor | Tutor

Character Summary

Dhanish Arram

Human w/ Civil Demon
If you believe enough, then you can do anything
the scholar
thanks to macy of shine
Ascensions and Legacies
The Hierophant Tier 2. Ascension to "THE TEACHER"

The teacher is attracted to gaining and disseminating knowledge that they take as scripture. Having amassed a hoard of knowledge they yearn to teach others what they have learned. They never stop desiring to learn more for themselves, either. The teacher is willing to give more than they receive.

You feel new possibilities within you. You find a new confidence within yourself, and people are more willing to listen to you. You can now read and learn more quickly and understand more of what is read. The dominions paper, technopathy, telepathy, and empathy are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.


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Character In-Depth

Dhanish Arram
Dan, Danny
Not Single
Demonology Professor
Human with Civil Demon
ot much is known about his early life, save that he was born in the City, traveled between the realms as often as he could, and that he was considered something of a prodigy. Really it was just that he was a fast learner. Natural talent combined with practice made him skilled at whatever he set his mind to, though he tried to be modest about it.

Still, it made schooling easy. Graduating top of his class, Dhanish moved on to college, taking any and every class he could. He breezed through college, decided he wanted to teach, and went on to graduate school.

But that didn't stop him from doing field-work whenever it was called for.

One such incident led him to discover young Vera Sarens. He was traveling, doing field work in the months there were no classes to teach, when he found a young girl, no older than 15, struggling with her Biomancy. She had potential - more even than himself - but no knowledge to back it up.

As he taught Demonology, and had taken great pains to learn all he could about his own dominions, he decided to help her. He taught Vera how to control her magic, how to focus her mind. He helped her to learn more about anatomy, to make her use of her Biomancy more efficient, easier to control. After all, that dominion, used without proper knowledge of the body, could make things worse, rather than better.

Dhanish encouraged her to do better with her schooling, to seek out college. He gave her his email, and his phone number. Told her to contact him whenever she needed help, even if she just needed someone to talk to.

He mentored her as often as possible. He liked Vera; she was an intelligent young woman, bright, eager to learn. He sent her books he thought she would find useful, shared with her anecdotes from his work. When she told him she was applying for college, he - now a tenured professor - wrote a letter of recommendation, praising her willingness to learn.

All the while he kept to himself, taught his classes, tried to keep himself and his demon out of trouble.

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Demon Information

Dhanish and his demon don't actually talk much. While Miles - as the demon prefers to be called - can speak, he simply chooses not to. In fact, he chooses not to manifest at all, when he can help it. If he needs to talk, he will do directly to Dhanish. Whether this is because he's lazy, dislikes people as a whole, or just wants to be an ass still has not been discovered.

Dhanish has, however, seen Miles's true form exactly once, a giant of stone and fire. At the time, it was easily ten feet tall, though Dhanish suspects it can be however large is necessary at the time.

On the rare occasions when Miles manifests as anything else, he appears to be a red panda. Dhanish has never seen his demon take a humanoid shape, though he knows Miles could do so if he wanted.

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