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I am open to all plots for my boy (except romance; sorry, he's spoken for - unless you're an old flame) so please feel free to hit me up on my OOC account!

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Benjamin Barnes
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Full Time Bodyguard for Arielle De La Croix

Character Summary



maverick turner NICKNAME » Mav, Iron Bull, Top Gun, Rick, Mad Dog AGE » twenty-six SEXUALITY » heterosexual MARITAL STATUS » single LIKES »
• Art
• Drawing
• Édouard Manet and Claude Monet paintings
• Sports - soccer specifically
• Animals, mostly dogs
• Hanging out with the De La Croix Family
• Rock music
• Films (Horror, Crime, Thrillers, Drama and Historical)
• Photography
• Drinking (preferred cocktail is "Zombie")
• Indian food
• The outdoors
• Rainy days
• Overcast skies
• Snow
• Indie music
• Traditional Korean dishes
• Street food
• Flirting
• Gambling
• Reading
• Winning
• Losing
• Prejudices
• Blind loyalty
• Vinegar or anything overly sour
• Moochers
• Tardiness
• Cooking
• Being looked down upon
• Boredom
• Uncomfortable clothing
• Shopping - he usually has someone do it for him
• Unjustified instigating
• Obnoxiously loud drunkards
the good

Maverick Turner is a very extroverted fellow and he's not afraid to be an extroverted fellow either. He's very confident in his abilities. His parents had him late in life, and, as he was their only child at the time (until his younger sister came along), they pampered him and were always smothering him with compliments. This enforced his image of himself as a strong, capable person. He's a quick learner and very clever and intuitive — and he knows it, too. He doesn't want to consider himself a braggart, but whenever possible, he likes to allude to his own skill. For example, when someone is having trouble and admits to it, he’d be liable to slip in a little comment like, "That's funny, because I got that in about three seconds flat." Even if it's not true. Still, he believes in the good of the people around him, and feels that everyone should be as confident as him. Because of this belief, he always compliments people when they're down, or whenever they get something right. This quality of his tends to overrule the tactlessness of his bragging, and people find that they can't help but like him.

Maverick likes to assume that he has a complex personality. That he is mysterious and intriguing, the creative mind to be envied and - even if he lacked a bit on his school work, and sometimes talks without thinking - this persona will make up for it. Unfortunately, his personality is about as complex as a Hershey's Bar and most of the time he is incredibly predictable outside of his bodyguard duties and the gambling table. Not that this decreases people's opinion of him, it's probably for the best, and - though mystery might suit some people - Maverick's two-dimensional nature suits him just fine and people who need to know him love him all the more for it. After all, why keep up serious pretenses outside of his work when that wasn't even necessary? His job is stressful enough.

His fundamental beliefs are that all people should be judged by their actions and personality, not birth right. All people should be free to live in peace, without fear for their safety. Due to these beliefs, he is absolutely dead set against anyone who tries to harm innocent people such as other unruly gangs and cartels hellbent on turning to such dirty means to achieve their goals. His principles are against blind hate and racism but he realizes that it's a prejudice he is unlikely to be able to change alone. He feels he ought to protect all the people in the world who are persecuted.

the bad

Unfortunately, despite these charming qualities, Maverick has a rather severe superiority complex. Blame the Italian in him. Hell, blame the English in him. Blame it all on pride and the need to prove that he is a man. Regardless, he can't stand to have anyone kick dirt on his pride. He feels that most of his peers are a bit less skilled and a bit less smart than he is. When he sees anyone that may pose to be a potential threat to his skills, abilities, or his intelligence, he tends to class them in his mind. Due to this, some have earned Maverick's seemingly undying mockery and scuffles. In that respect, Maverick is somewhat of a bully. If he decides he doesn't like someone, for whatever the reason, he'll openly make their life miserable and though he will try to get as many other people to dislike the person also, it makes no difference on his end if he is the only one unleashing the assault. Partially, this is because he likes to be a leader. Another part of him, however, can only justify that cruelty with the excuse of "no one else likes that guy either, so it's okay."

the heartache

Though he is inherently lazy and not particularly observant when it comes to the moods or feelings of others, Maverick can be sweet and kind, but he doesn't waste that on people who don't deserve it. Charming, witty, snarky and fun - these are all traits that Maverick has managed to hold fast to. He will compliment a girl on her appearance or call them beautiful, and this is commonly misconstrued as showing romantic interest (much to their misconception and his delight, because he can roll in the hay with the best of them if they like). However, Maverick's flirting is far more subtle than that, based more out of physicality if he is genuinely interested - otherwise it's just meaningless, fancy words so that he can get his fancy tongue to dance along the surface of an equally fancy button. Maverick has probably had many flings/lovers in the past, but nothing that he has openly given his heart to. He only has one person in his heart and, in a sense, he is unwilling to openly announce it to the world - terrified of the consequences that would occur as a result.

Despite his overwhelming self-confidence and outwardly friendly nature, his one true fear is being abandoned. There is nothing Maverick fears more than to be left alone with nothing - no family, no friends, no helping hand. While he's resourceful by nature, he doubts he'd be any good if everyone around him left him. Because at one point, he left his own sister when she needed him the most to go and achieve his own goals - wanting to escape his horrible life on the pretense of wanting to create a better life for her.

the truth

When he is in a good mood, as far as Maverick is concerned, the world should be in a good mood. He has an infectious laugh and smile, and if he finds someone who's depressed when he's not, he’ll bother them until they cheer up. If they don't cheer up, he'll shift from bothering them to being concerned and will listen to their troubles and give some sound advice. He's a shoulder for everyone to lean on, and can make anyone, even someone who is practically a perfect stranger, feel like they are the most important person in the world to him. He makes time in his day for literally everyone, and feels that everyone should also be as willing to accommodate him. When they aren't, he gets exceedingly frustrated with them, and this annoyance will last a good long while until they give him good reason to forgive them. However, as long as they do give him reason to forgive them, he will. He isn't the sort to hold grudges forever. He's the sort to shrug something off as soon as it doesn’t bother him anymore.

Maverick is a very serious person when on the clock. Protecting Arielle De La Croix is no joke and while he can sometimes lose himself in his duty when he is with her and she tells him to relax, Maverick knows that there is always the off chance someone would strike the moment that his guard was down. Plus, as a code of honor, he can't help but feel it's his duty to be her shield and not just her sword (Gabriel and Michael included in this). This sense of honor helps add to his good image of himself. He tries to be the ideal gentleman and rolemodel for people to look up to, though admittedly he can be rather full of himself from time to time. Still, he's very chivalrous and will not take credit for something which he did not do. Still, he would never call someone out if they were to mooch off someone else (though he doesn't particularly like it) and he doesn't expect others to follow his own work ethics. The only person he holds responsible to his code of honor is himself.

However, this code of honor also helped Maverick to form his morals. His parents raised him to be open minded and accept all the people around him regardless of blood, birth circumstances, or overall skill. "Judge them for who they are, not where they come from." That has become his general view on people. Of course, like any young man, he doesn't always follow these morals, hence his teasing of those he feels as a "threat" so to speak. Also, while he judges people for who they are, he tends to decide who someone is very quickly, going often times by first impressions. He is willing to let these impressions be replaced however, and can go from hating someone one day to respecting them the next. It's all a matter of circumstance.

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Character In-Depth

Maverick Turner

a l i a s e s
Casual: Mav, Rick, Mavvy, Ricky
Street: The Iron Bull, Top Gun, Mad Dog
a f f i l i a t i o n
• Human with Civil Demon
• De La Croix Family
• Unaffiliated
s e x u a l i t y
• Heterosexual
s t r e n g t h s
• A pretty good artist
• Seemingly fearless
• Fairly confident
• Generally likable despite his flaws
• Unusually lucky
• Loyal to his friends and crew
• Honest, but he's also a good liar
• Quite resourceful - especially in a pinch
a g e
True Age: 26
Birthday: November 11th
o c c u p a t i o n
• Full Time Bodyguard for Arielle De La Croix
• Freelance Painter
p h o b i a s
Losing his friends - He'll do anything to keep them, even if it means distancing everyone and everything else. For any one of their lives, he'd quickly give up his own.
Being paralyzed - To never move, to be unable to do anything or, worse, taste that would be a curse worth killing oneself over. For what, then, would be the point of living?
w e a k n e s s e s
• Superiority Complex
• Pride - it really will be his downfall someday if he isn't careful
• Has no real grasp on the fact that he's only human, and has limits
• Insatiable curiosity
• Has a bit of a temper, but it doesn't show its face often unless provoked
• Chain Smoker

b a c k g r o u n d - c h e c k

When Maverick James Turner was brought into the world, it was as if he had rode in on the lightning and thunder from the skies that night. His mother had been in labor for a good three days and the midwife was starting to worry that something horrific was going to happen to his mother in the middle of it all. But on the night of the third day, Maverick came greeting his life - kicking and screaming the entire way. The compliment given to him was that he was a healthy young Turner, ready to take on the world head first without a care to anyone else's needs.

Maverick's mother recalled this memory with fondness, and it wasn't long before he went from crawling all over the place to simply stomping around and making his presence known. Just as quickly as he would stir up chaos in his wake, Maverick would turn and greet his caretakers with a smile that melted their hearts. The young Turner was a trouble maker - but at least his heart was in the right place. None could ever truly stay mad with him - not for long anyway.

A lot of Maverick's younger years are a sort of blur for him in regards to the moments that didn't stand out the most. At the age of seven, both a blessing and a nightmare occurred. Though he knew his mother to be and soft a caring individual, she was overjoyed to know that she was with child again. Unfortunately, it would be the second and last time Elena Turner would do so. The day that she gave birth to Maverick's little sister, Catherine Turner, was also the day that she passed from this world.

It was here that life became darker for Maverick.

Things weren't as miserable at first. In fact, they were far from it. Maverick was able to mourn with his father, Marcello, while they took care of Catherine together. Life in the Turner home was pleasant. Maverick spent every waking moment taking care of little Caty and helping his father through his guilt and grief. It was a small change at first, but their father had picked up the habit of drinking and gambling. It was only a small amount and during meals or when he was in his study looking through old books and photo albums and often when he would read the letters he and his mother had exchanged between each other during their youth.

Two years later, his father remarried and with that marriage came the arrival of a new stepmom and older step brother, Brandon. Still a child, Maverick noticed another change in his father he wasn't prepared for. Though he was sure it was not his father's intention, Maverick became painfully aware of his station. He was the "second child" - the one who was to take the helm in case anything happened to his "brother". Until then, their father impressed all of his attention on his older brother and left little for Maverick to hold on to. This was all the machinations of his stepmother constantly whispering in his father's ears, pushing them further and further apart. Soon Caty and he felt like they were on the outside looking in.

This hadn't bothered Maverick initially in the beginning. But something started to grow and fester inside of him. He hadn't known it to be jealousy and anxiety, or even a complex of sorts. But nevertheless, his baby sister had seen it and tried her best to circumvent it where she could. Maverick was only more frustrated with her attempts at intervention and was relieved when his younger sister was started going to school. Though he was grateful to be left alone, Maverick also felt himself an outsider in his own home. Soon they moved into The City shortly after he turned ten.

It was this same year when he first met two people who would become his lifelong brothers in his eyes. Maverick remembered the day he'd first met Gabriel and Michael De La Croix because it was a painful day - literally. It was his first time exploring the streets of Fata Morgana and Maverick's temper was in rare form - causing him to lash out at some of the other residents from higher social statuses. They had accused him of being worthless and that he had no business in The City. Needless to say, Maverick went on the offensive and soon found himself on the ground after having been sucker punched from one of the others and they easily laid into him. The onslaught was seemingly endless, until the beatings stopped and the hurried scuffle of feet let Maverick know that his attackers were gone.

It was then he saw who his saviors were: Gabriel and Michael De La Croix - though he did not know that that was who they were at the time. After they checked to make sure that he was alright, they went about their way and it was his father who had relayed just who they were (after getting a sound tongue lashing and a sound beating for getting into scraps with other residents of The City of higher stations).

Determined to find them again, he did just that and all but demanded that he be allowed to be part of their lives. He owed them for saving him - he wanted to serve in a way that made sense. Maverick wanted friendship where his family had successfully placed a small void intead. Their childhood is swept up in a flash and before Maverick even realized it, he had seen them more as brothers than his own step-brother and would have given up his life in an instant for them should they have had need of it. Maverick's loyalty to them was absolute.

They had encouraged him to not be such a scamp and keep up with his studies, and so he did. He attended a boarding school with their family's help so that he could pursue his dream of art. However, he was so caught up in his studies, he had failed to write his eight year-old sister as often as he would have liked. But suspiciously the letters from Caty stopped coming altogether. No matter how many times he sent a letter to his sister, he never got an answer. Eventually this worried Maverick to no end, but he had no choice but to wait until the Winter holidays. What awaited him there was something out of a horror story.

When he came home, no one was waiting for him to pick him up from school. Decidedly - and worried half out of his mind - Maverick took a cab to his home in downtown Monai. The entire trip was nerve wracking for him and what awaited him was the one thing he had dreaded. When he entered his home, Maverick found his sister beaten and unconscious on the floor of their foyer. Their father was nowhere to be found.

Because of Maverick's absence, Marcello's drinking had gotten even more out of control. He took his anger and grief of losing his wife to Caty's birth out on the younger Turner, believing her to be the cause of his wife's death. Of course, his step-mother and step-brother had not bothered to dissuage these thoughts - in fact, they only fueled them further. It was all Maverick could do to stave off his father's anger and take some of the beating himself. But even Maverick could not avoid going back to school, leaving his sister behind. Four years Caty endured this abuse until she, too, was able to attend a better school away from home due to Maverick begging Michael and Gabe to help him. At least there she could fall into her studies and Maverick did not need to worry about his younger sister - unless she went into "loose cannon mode" in which Maverick had to intervene and stop anything devastating from happening.

For years this continued.

Just before he was getting ready to graduate from school, Cathy and he went home for the Spring holidays and found that their house looked like someone had completely come in and ransacked the place. They found their father half beaten and most assuredly drunk on the floor. His step mother and step-brother nowhere to be found. When Maverick asked what the hell had happened, he didn't get much of an answer except a swift punch in the gut and Cathy a slap to the face. Maverick knew he wasn't going to get his answer from his father and so he picked up the phone and searched for the last number that had called. Dialing it, the voice that answered was cool and soothing - yet it sent a chill rushing up Maverick's spine.

After having amassed a heavy gambling debt and falling into the drug ring once Cathy began attending school, Maverick found out that their father owed quite a bit of money to a Kairos. Though Maverick had not had any intimate ties with them (that he knew of), he had heard whispers of the group from some of his own friends at school who lived in the more prominent areas of The City. In the next year, Kairos was to take over and the head of a particular family expected to be paid in full for all the money, goods, and assistance that had so graciously been loaned to Marcello.

Maverick didn't know what to do. What could he do other than plead his case? At first the family head had not been too keen on the idea, but after Maverick swore that he would put himself in his service, he leaned toward the idea. To just give him a little bit more time. He granted Maverick the time needed to at least finish school and once he did, he would in the group in order to repay the heavily accumulated debt that his father built up.

The heavier cost? He had to give up his dream of art school and becoming an artist. He would have to go straight into combat training as well as learning the ins and outs of gambling. If he did well, it would only take two years to complete which only meant creating an even heavier debt on his head. No. Maverick couldn't have that. He would finish it in one year. Every aspect of the training he would finish in one year or so help him. Maverick thought about the De La Croix brothers, but they had helped him enough. He needed to get through this crisis on his own for once.

A year dredged on and it equaled to a thousand years in his mind. The hand to hand combat training on top of his own martial arts classes that he'd taken, firearms training, pain tolerance and language courses. Finally they dumped him off in the wilderness for six months to fend for himself. If he managed to escape the island in one piece without dying, he was qualified to return and serve. He would be allowed no contact from the outside world. People would need to think he had died.

All that pushed him was the thought of his sister suffering the abuse from their damned alcoholic of a father. He believed his step-mother and step-brother had split - deciding they'd had enough and had sucked what all they needed from them before destroying their family. Cathy must have believed she had been thrown away - cast aside for a better life. It tore Maverick to shreds on the inside.

He returned, home again and back to the world he thought he knew but actually didn't. He saw it from different kind of eyes - the eyes of a killer and a bodyguard. Maverick wasn't even sure if he could embrace his sister, but he tried and she had sensed the change in him. Her brother had changed, but he would free her from the hell of their world where their father was no longer a father, but an abusive drunkard. Once he'd gotten approval from Kairos to set up his sister somewhere safe, he fell into his routine easily enough and the months bled on by.

Maverick didn't want the same life for his sister so while simultaneously paying off his father's massive debt through his work, the "Iron Bull" gambled to gather more money so he could pay for his sister's college tuition once she graduated from her bording school. She would have a clear future. She would have a better future. A brighter one that would be of her choice - even if that meant that her brother, the Mad Dog, was destined to be chained to a master forever. Maverick would sacrifice that much for her. He would become a true Mad Dog and Iron Bull for her sake.

But it didn't take long for Maverick to get caught up and thrown in jail. He was nineteen and it was none other than Michael De La Croix who had come to his rescue. He'd never forget the words he'd told him when he'd managed to bail him out. He hadn't seen that family in what felt like years, and when Michael brought him home, he gave him an ultimatum. "You have no integrity at this time, and it's making me sick. Do us all a favour and go home. Take a good, long look at yourself. When you see what I do, come back and tell me when you're ready to get your shit together."

Maverick had become very rough around the edges, but he had a ruggedly handsome quality to him that was borderline princely in fashion with the mixture of a whirlwind. He had a way of weakening knees unintentionally wherever he went. That wasn't to say he didn't know he was attractive. Far from it. He sometimes abused how easily girls fell for him, though it was never done with ill-intent. He had a look about him that people rarely questioned - a certain masculinity that people neglected to associate with anything but as a playboy. This wasn't entirely true, but people would talk and who was Maverick to indulge them in anything otherwise? It wasn't like he cared for their opinions.

When he was getting a sound verbal thrashing from Michael was when he saw her, Arielle, looking in from the hallway. She had changed so much. Or was it because that much time had stretched between them? Maverick didn't know when it had happened; when he'd started to feel a pull toward the annoying little brunette De La Croix princess with the knobby knees and skinny legs he teased about when they were children. The girl whose skirt he would flip and whose hair he would wait in a nearby tree to pull just to see her scream in outrage. The girl who he splashed water on and would often make cry because he would say mean things to her, and then feel immediately guilty about when he was alone.

The young Turner loved to play a dangerous game. He loved to test the waters and run head long into the fray. But falling for Gabe and Michael's sister had never been part of the plan.

But somewhere along the way, without even realizing it after all this time, Maverick had fallen and he had fallen hard. And the harder he'd fallen, the more efforts he took to make sure that others didn't know of his true feelings. In days past, he had no problem teasing and playing with her and being casual in speech, but now he was more formal with her than he'd ever been with anyone in his entire life. He could not keep his gaze to her other than just for a few moments, but he would admire her from afar when he thought she wasn't looking - his breath hitching if their eyes locked for the briefest of moments before the contact was broken.

He took Michael's words to heart and went home to get his shit together. He needed to change. Not just for himself, or his sister, or for the family that had taken care of him better than his own. He wanted to change for the first time...for her. Maverick found himself lost in her presence and yet craving more of her with each passing day. Longing for her to steal a glance at him, for her to touch his skin and for him, in turn to graze his fingers along her face intimately. He wanted to give her everything. He wanted to be her everything. It was torture, keeping it all of it bottled up inside of him that Maverick didn't know how much he could take and he'd considered just spilling it all to both Gabe and Michael one night...

But for the first time in his life, Maverick realized just how small his station was. She was a De La Croix, sister to the two people he cared for more than his own life. His saviors. Arielle was on a cloud too high for him to reach - hell, she was the very sun itself. Maverick's head would leave his shoulders before he could even have the chance to entertain the idea the way that he wanted to.

So he had to keep a secret - the first secret he'd ever had to keep in his life from the two people he considered his saviors, his brothers, and mentors. A secret so well hidden that not even Gabe or Michael knew because he had buried it deep within himself; an act that he was was so horribly guilty over that it physically hurt him inside.

Demon Information

perhaps it won't be boring this time around
I'm becoming less defined
As days go by
Fading away
Well you might say
I'm losing focus
Kinda drifting into the abstract
In terms of how I see myself
only - nine inch nails

"If lost, it will not be obtained again. It will not revive."

Dagon is a savage demon of brute strength and of an iron will. Having lived a long life, the world of demons has always been his preferred arena - desiring carnage and violence and always willing to jump headlong into the fray. His outer exterior is that of a flaming bull, the very incarnation of rage and destruction. He will not hesitate to mow down anything in his path and he seeks out those with similar destructive natures. Dagon sensed this same turbulent storm in Maverick when he was conceived and knew that he wanted to attach himself to the human - believing that he would spurn him forward into a life of strength and power.

"Let it burn and consume you, this fire that swells in your soul!"

Even in his human form, Dagon is a fighter. He'll soon as swing a punch at someone as look at them. His voice is generally even-toned, mirroring a tenor-baritone timbre and kept at medium volume. He's always appearing to have some kind of glare on his face. While he is a raging bull, the flames never erupt until he is ready to explode like an active volcano. Like Pompeii, none would survive his onslaught when it takes wing. But even there are times when Dagon has his lazy moments, leisurely enjoying cigarettes and television when Maverick is intent on wanting to sit down and paint an afternoon away.

All in all, Dagon is one for fueling any rage that exists inside of Maverick. It is why, as of late, he has grown temperamental with his human who insists on "being in love" and all that other nonsense. Unless it was a loved that culmunated into a swirling vortex of destructiong, making everything crumble around him, Dagon would find it boring. But, his human wants what his human wants. That doesn't mean he won't continue to try to engulf Maverick from the inside out with his nature. A nature of infernal savagery.

"You are letting your potential go to waste. It is such a shame."

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