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Amanda Briar

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Human with Primal Demon
Emma Watson
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Spirit Detectives

Character Summary

Amanda Rose Briar

Human w/ Primal Demon
Spirit Detective
5' 6"
Give me books, give me dreams, give me words, give me wings
the dreamer
thanks to macy of shine
Ascensions and Legacies
Strength Tier 2. Ascension to “THE DAME”

The dame has seen and done many things, and is no longer surprised by much. She has come to understand the power she holds and is able to wield it efficiently. The dame overcomes challenges with grace and poise.

You feel new possibilities within you. You can now access your innate strength for short periods of time, increasing your strength, speed, endurance, and senses - even if you don’t hold those dominions. You can also now experience increased mental capacity, but you may become more animalistic. The dominions shape shifter, superior senses, superior endurance, superior strength and superior speed are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.


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Character In-Depth

Amanda Rose Briar
Mandy, Manda, Rose
Human with Primal Demon
Spirit Detective
5' 6"
manda knows only The City. She had been born there. She was raised there. She'd never been to the Human Realm at all. Her only knowledge of it lay in books, in what she learned in her school, in what others told her. She was okay with that, honestly; how could you miss something you'd never seen, after all?

It was her demon that upset her. She saw others with their civil demons, able to communicate - even if they didn't always - and have some kind of real bond, if they wanted. She saw solo demons, who acted just like humans. They were fun to talk to, sometimes, and she learned a lot from the ones who would deign to give a small human child their attention. But her own demon? It was just... there. She knew nothing about it. It didn't even stay the same way all the time. Always jewelry, never the same piece twice. One day it was an ear cuff, the next a bracelet, the day after that something else entirely. Everchanging, but never talking.

It was frustrating. When she began to see signs of their powers, she had no way to ask how to use them, what could be done with them. It was all trial and error. Well, she got to be very good at that, at least. Trying, failing, trying again, maybe succeeding. She found she could do a lot of things, if she really put her mind to it.

She went to university in The City, took every demonology elective she could, read up everything she found about the known dominions in general and hers in particular. Upon her graduation, she accepted a job at one of the larger libraries, where she put many of her dominions to use almost daily. It wasn't a bad life, but she wanted more.

Amanda studied hard and practiced harder. She would stay late in the library, honing her skills however she could. It was difficult and progress was slow; without a demon to actively assist her, there were many times she would fumble.

On one such late night, as she was locking up the library to go home, she overheard a commotion. Being City-born, of course she knew about the factions, their little games and wars and whatever else. Sometimes they could help you, and sometimes they wouldn't - it didn't even matter if they were supposed to be 'the good guys'.

Still...some were better than others. She was able to witness one of the vigilantes, a so-called Spirit Detective, as they interrupted a mugging in progress. Perhaps... perhaps she could do that, too? Maybe she could use her skills to help others?

It would be worth it to try, at least.

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Demon Information

Very little is known about Amanda's demon. It's old, but she doesn't know exactly how old. It's primal - at least, she assumes so, as it has never spoken to her nor assumed any form that could. The only thing she knows about it is that it - for some reason - likes jewelry. For as long as she can remember, she has been plagued with everchanging jewelry - earrings one day, a necklace the next, or a bracelet - on and on. While apparently favored pieces do reappear from time to time, no two days in a row will ever be the same.

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