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The Dancing Higanbana
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So you want to mess with this sadistic little demon? Well, by all means! Please PM my OOC account if you have any ideas! DISCLAIMER: All images found on google and edited by me. All codes are mine or revamped from others! Please don't take without permission!

Character Information

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Solo Demon
Bae Suzy | Luke Pasqualino
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Appears 25
White Rabbit
Professional Hacker | DJ & Podcast Host

Character Summary

"Warned for a moment, injured for a lifetime. I am that moment."

I am a legendary demon. My tales have been told far and wide. Though I go by many names, one will always know my story that hails from the land of snow-covered mountains. I am the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox of Ryoshima and I claim dominion over Hokkaido. All fox demons are under my protection.

I am a cruel demon. My darkness is one that makes those tremble in its wake - a demon that folds the illusion over your mind, driving you insane where you can only gain peace through self sacrifice. Let me sing your lamentations.

I am a sociable demon. I play the part of a calm, even tempered demon that all can enjoy being around. I can easily fit into any conversation and appear to be the perfect person to lean on in a time of need. Please get lost in my gaze as you spill your deepest, darkest desires to me. I shall keep them safe.

I am a sadistic demon. Most often cruel, I prefers to attack those with apparent moral or innocent standings in order to expose their most flawed and base hidden reservations. Release your inhibitions to me - show me what is hidden beneath. Let me guide you to ruin.

I am a broken demon. Helping others is nothing out of the ordinary for me and I'm very romantic with my love interests. I am a demon who isn't afraid to put my hands into something, regardless of how hurt I will come out of it in the end. I love fiercely and I love deeply, which makes the descent into darkness that much greater. I do not fear the darkness.

Because that's what's happens when you take something truly good in the world and twist them to become accustomed to the darkness.

I am the Dancing Higanbana - the cruel spider lily that blooms in the dead of night.

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Character In-Depth

Once upon a time, many many many years ago, a girl was born that was so absolutely beautiful in her natural state of innocence that she was named "Miyuki, the Silence of Deep Snow." Miyuki was an absolute gem among others and had a smile that could cease the tears of a crying babe. Lovely in her steps to the gentle swing of her arms and even the bell-like tones of her laughter, Miyuki was a free spirited creature who enjoyed wandering among the clouds and had no real need or want to see the rumored Demon Realm. Demonkind was full of so many horrible things and Miyuki, in her innocence, wanted to continue to surround herself with beauty and the warmth of the light of her world.

She had no wants. No needs. No desires. Miyuki was perfection in its most absolute form in beauty, grace and light.

Demons despised her. But so did other humans.

So absolutely jealous of the pure ray of light that Miyuki exuded, a powerful she-demon (Kaira) would not stop her hostile actions toward both humankind and demonkind. Kaira tormented Miyuki's village, demanding that the girl be given to her as penance for their transgression of ever giving birth to the girl in their world. Miyuki's father relented in order to prevent any future chaos from spreading in the dreaded demon's wake. A sacrifice had to be made and Miyuki was that sacrifice. While her father had done his best to explain to his daughter just what was going to transpire upon going to Kaira, so pure in her devotion to her Father that she did not question the reason behind her dismissal from the village. This was only going to be a short trip. She would be able to come back and be with her friends and family. As soon as Kaira got everything she wanted from Miyuki, she would return. Sweet, blissful ignorance.

Before entering the Demon Realm, she was given the name "Higanbana" by her father, which translated to "Spider Lilies", the flower associated with death and given to those who passed on to the next world on their graves. This only fueled Kaira's envy and bitterness, claiming that since she was a flower, she would have thorns and would need to have them plucked. A flower would not survive in the Demon Realm, Kaira would make sure of that. The only truly beautiful thing that would be able to permeate from Higanbana's person would be the beautiful sound of her screams as Kaira tore her down from head to toe. There would be nothing left of the glorious light that seemed to radiate from around her.

Kaira wasted no time in tearing Higanbana apart. Spurned on by her hatred of the girl, she made short work of her beauty - killing the mortal and transforming Higanbana into a horrid, grotesque lesser demon who possessed far too many limbs for her person and was beyond ugly. Her face and skin and eyes yielded darkness at every turn and her form was so perfectly revolting that none could bear to look at her. If that wasn't enough to satisfy Kaira's own deeply seeded jealousy, she made it a point to bring shame and disgrace upon Higanbana at every chance she could get. Treating her as little less than a servant, she would force Higanbana to do the most menial of tasks and she was the object of lust for any and all demons who wished to partake in her flesh.

Violation followed by shame and self loathing were all the emotions that Higanbana could feel. The days of torment bled into months and those months bled into years. Little by little, her soul was being chipped away and Higanbana was starting to forget the person she used to be. She longed for a release from her misery - begging any and all demons who would wish to feed on her to just eat her completely. Devour her, body and soul. But beacause of their fear of having Kaira's wrath raining down upon them, none would dare attempt to take more than a few bits of flesh here and there - allowing her form to recover and grow back only to have the cycle repeating again.

Something snapped inside of Higanbana one day. She had decided enough was enough. The part of her that had longed for a permanent form of disappearance had been denied her and so she only had one option left. She could only escape this nightmarish hell that the Demon Realm had so successfully provided if she got off her ass and started fighting back. So fight back she did. When a demon decided it wanted to bite her, she would bite back harder. When they tore off a piece of her flesh, Higanbana tore off their arm. When they threatened her with the promise of endless pain and suffering, Higanbana actually delivered.

Over time, though for how long she couldn't be sure, Higanbana had slowly climbed up in ranks. From a mere lesser demon to a Harbinger, Higanbana was able to obtain powers that allowed her to finally shape and change her demon form as she so chose. While nowhere close to the beautiful perfection that was her former self, she didn't care so much anymore. Because now she had learned to weave the art of hallucination - a skill she had inherited from the former Harbinger before being sent off to play as one of the new terrors of the Human Realm.

It was around this same time that Higanbana had been fortunate enough to encounter a demon by the name of Verrier. While she did not know it at the time, he was one of the demons responsible for bringing her from the Human world to the Demon Realm and for getting her adjusted to life down in the depths of the raging inferno and darkness. All demons were not always former humans. In fact, most of them were spawns from other demons - their own personal creations. Verrier and Abbadon were both vying for the next higher rank among their demonic peers and, with nothing better to really do, Higanbana watched with amusement at their little competition.

Kaira was terrifying on her own, but nothing could have prepared Higanbana for the depth of both Verrier and Abbadon's cruelty. Whatever task Kaira put them up to, no matter how horrific, they performed without question. From famine to plague to natural disaster to wars, Verrier and Abbadon competed head to head with one another, until finally, Kaira named Verrier the victor.

Not long after this, Kaira had given Verrier orders to become a demon attachment to a human host. Horrified at the prospect of remaining in the Demon Realm alone without Verrier by her side, Higanbana pleaded with her master to allow her to go the realm of humans as well to become a demon companion. While he had not been too keen on the idea, Verrier dropped his own subtle hint that he wanted Higanbana to be one of the demons in his charge. Kaira allowed this and so with Higanbana in tow, both Verrier and she traveled to the world of mortals and immortals alike to stir up mess where ever they were allowed to while keeping each other and their counterparts in check. Charged with the guardianship of a human, Higanbana's nature truly began to reveal itself for the sick and twisted demon that she had become.

The veil between the Human world and demon world, however, had shattered. Now both could roam freely between the worlds and time marched on. And with each passing moment, Higanbana became more and more cruel and grew fickle with time. Her Bad Samaritan attitude was nothing to joke at, seeing as how every human host she'd been attached to had somehow managed to committ suicide. The powers that be had had enough of all of her hosts dying, so until further notice, Higanbana wasn't allowed to take on another human host lest they die in her charge.

That was fine. She had grown bored with killing her own humans. But killing the humans of other demons? Well, now that was a new game all by itself, now wasn't it?

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