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Arielle De La Croix

in darkness, light
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Hey! I'm Indy and I'm brand new here so please feel free to throw all the plot ideas at me. Only restrictions are hard no on incest and any non-consensual sex plot needs to be well talked out beforehand and addressed with the gravity it deserves. Other than that, I'm pretty down for anything.

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Anna Popplewell
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
she, her, hers
it couldn't care less, she calls it "he/him"

Character Summary

They raised you like a princess, and keep you sheltered like one. You go down into the city to be among the common folk but you know you are never truly out of their grasp. You love them because family is all you really have and despite all of their flaws. You choose not to see. Instead, you hold on to Arastri and you tell him you will become great. You will be known for something of value. You will do good things to make up for the evil you pretend isn't waiting just out of view, in the corner of your eye. You play your cello, your piano, you read books where the last page reads "and they all lived happily ever after". You know that's not how the world works, but you have to dream.

The Star Tier 1. Ascension to "THE TAURUS"

The taurus, named after the sign in astrology, is an ascension who comes about when one loses faith in something important, or in oneself. The taurus also has another sense: abandonment. You may have abandoned something or someone, or someone or something may have abandoned you. Either way, the taurus is a path of loss.

You feel new possibilities within you. The dominions light, animation, pathfinding, and steam are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.


Mastery: Proficient
Animals: The communication with animals and the control of animals. The more intelligent the animal, the easier it is to communicate with and the harder it is to control.
Control Based: The better communication you have with animals.


Mastery: Proficient
Psychometry: The ability to absorb memories/knowledge from objects.
Power Based: Objects of significance will “call” to you, but the depth of information gathered from each is basic/limited, requiring users to piece together the information themselves.


Mastery: Major
Empathy: The ability to fully interpret and replicate the emotions of others. An empath often experiences mood swings at lower levels when in large crowds of people if they are unable to control their dominion. Whereas more controlled empaths may lack the strength to ward off powerful demons.
Control Based: The better you are at controlling and understanding interpreted emotions, but less capable of warding off bad energies.


Mastery: Legendary
Water: The creation and manipulation of water, ability to purify water, ability to breathe underwater, ability to pass through water unharmed.
Power Based: The more water you can manipulate.


Mastery: Lesser
Plants: The creation, manipulation and growth of plants.
Power Based: The higher quantity of plants you can grow, the bigger those plants grow to.


Mastery: Major
Animation: The ability to allow objects that have never and will never live to act as though they are living. Items will never gain sentience or will of their own, but may follow orders, sometimes even after the animator is dead.
Control Based: The larger amount of unanimated objects you can animate and control at once.

Character In-Depth

Magic is a real and beautiful thing... Somehow that itself is enough. It is also dark, and deep, and sometimes twisted to evil deeds. For Arielle De La Croix it seems like she was born with the penchant for it. Her brothers are strong, even from an early age she knew that, but even the baby of the family did not lack for gifts. Her demon, Arastri he told her once she was old enough to make her mouth form such a word, came with many of them, for he was old already when he was bound to her. As she gowns up he tells her that he has always prided himself on being tied to greatness; Botticelli, Strauss, one of the Ceasars (though she forgets which), a Kennedy more recently. People say her family is something special too, more money than they could spend in several lifetimes and the power that comes along with that. Maybe that is how he found her, but she tells him even then that she is not 'great'.

Greatness requires conviction. Arielle has spent most of her life somewhat adrift. As a child, being the youngest, she found herself more often sheltered than anything. She didn't know then that it was for good reason. Her father was careful never to let her see the darkness of his world. He brought her sheet music and fairytales and stuffed animals. To Arielle, he hung the moon. But he also in some ways slowed her individualism, kept her so protected she did not grow the way she should have. After all, when everything is handed to you how do you learn to grasp for things beyond your reach?

What she finds she is good at, very good at, is a gift of magic. Arastri brought her 6 of them, but the strongest was water. Even as a little thing she could make maelstroms of the bathtub and she's only gotten better with time. In one way she supposed he had made her great, though what one does with water manipulation she isn't entirely sure. She thinks sometimes that it is so strong that she could even bend the canals to her whims but she hasn't exactly tried. Why flood the houses of those she knows simply to see if she can? Arastri often tells her "because practice makes perfect" but she had always known Arastri also likes to cause trouble from time to time and that's no good for either of them.

For most of her life, Arielle was happy to go to her fancy private school and learn the things that would make her a successful socialite and a little lady. She loved music and art and literature, learned multiple languages, and generally lived happily. In her preteen years Arastri settled into the theme of forms he still takes, drawing inspiration from the fantasy world she fell in love within her own mind. He couldn't make her a witch but maybe he could convince her to practice with the gifts he'd brought to her and make her an exemplar of her dominions. She loved magic, and so she threw herself into learning it, and she's only less than proficient in one of the six. It isn't bad, but he wanted more for them, pushing her towards larger things while coiled tenderly around her neck until it happened.

Father died.

Father died and it seemed like everything fell into chaos. Michael and Gabriel nearly tore each other apart and she often still wonders what caused that rift between them to grow so large and so deep that it seems insurmountable now. They were all broken by the loss.

In the years since that day, Arielle has grown up. Or at least she likes to think so. She knows things. Things she never wanted to know. Gabriel is smart and good at hiding things, but not as good as father and she has been watching too closely. That's her way, always watching them, always looking for a way to help them, to make their family whole again and in watching she has learned. But learning isn't always a happy thing and she found herself to be the only light in the darkness of her family. She couldn't reconcile the two, couldn't see herself as good surrounded by so much bad, so she had learned another trick now. It's easier to pretend she deosn't see. Easier not to "notice" anything at all.

She pours her time into charity work and learning to master her own skills more completely. Her evenings she spends working on music or painting in her studio if she doesn't have an event to attend. Idle hours are filled with symphonies and dinner parties and occasionally pleading with her brothers just to talk to one another, just a little. She will keep being the light in their darkness so long as she can. She knows Gabriel never lets her out of his sight, her tail in the guise of a sort of bodyguard always close by. It could be a worse life. She'd seen those who live in the slums. She is not them and for that she is grateful and willing to go on pretending not to see.

Demon Information

Arastri, 9,004 years old and this is not his first rodeo. As far as humans go, this one isn't so bad, though she's a bit boring for his tastes. He would have preferred a little more adventure, a little less philanthropy. He's guided princes and kings, great inventors, artists of renown. He resents the bodyguard treatment more than his host does. Ah, well, it can't be helped. He does, however, expect greatness from her. If she wants to be a philanthropist, fine, but he will make her the best of them. If she'd rather play her music, then he will see to it that she is known far and wide for it. If he has his way they will not be lost to history.

He learned early that Arielle likes fantasy, magic, stories with happily ever after at the end. He's found, with time. that she responds well when he chooses fantastical animals so he draws them from the books and films she favors most. Her favorites are the "occamy", when he can drape himself casually around her wrist or neck like a bit of fine jewelry and whisper in her ear, or the "bowtruckle" because apparently some girls simply are cliche and can't help but love the small, adorable things in life. If it works, he doesn't care what he looks like, changing shape to suit her mood. He has a goal and he'll achieve it, even if he has to be cute and fluffy to do so.

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