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Celeste Serafina

You know, the dead are much better companions than the living.
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Some content warning for this character, in case you haven't noticed the hints, is that he is somewhat into necrophilia, not majorly though, and he is also a cannibal. His cannibalistic nature is due to a disorder he has where normal food tastes disgusting to the point of where he can't eat it. The only time he can is if it is mixed with some sort of human body part. Basically, this character is not for the faint of heart, as things with him may get gruesome at times. Also, there is mention of depression, self harm, and abuse in his past.

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Andreja Pejic
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
they, their, he, him
White Rabbit
Works in a morgue, info broker

Character Summary

Celeste enjoys many things, his favorite things though are killing, blood, dead things, cooking and baking(possibly with human organs/ body parts), writing, and quiet. He doesn't like most living things, sudden loud noises, crowded places, people being angry with him, and abuse. He also deeply hates any and all woman. He has a severe fear of the dark, and also has some sort of eating disorder, though which one is unknown. He also has a knack for collecting information and getting someone to tell their secrets, doing whatever he has to do to retrieve them.

Biomancy/Lesser/Power Based

Blood/Lesser/Power Based

Conjure/Lesser/ Control Based

Necromancy/Lesser/Power Based

Necrosis/Lesser/Control Based

Pestilence/Lesser/Power Based

Character In-Depth

Celeste is often described as an odd child, to say the least. He is a very quiet and reserved, never talking much. He is often said to be shy as well. All of these are true, to say the least. He finds it hard to connect or interact with those that are living. That being said, he has a sort of, obsession with the dead. He loves to see dead things and figure out how they died, but he also likes to be the one that causes the death. He is, because of this, rather psychotic, but he can usually suppress his urges. He doesn't really hold any emotions, he doesn't understand what they are. Even so, he can feel slight emotions, so there is still hope for him to learn and be able to feel full emotions. The question is, does he want to. Also, while this hasn't been confirmed, it is said that he may be a cannibal and possibly into necrophilia.

Celeste had a rough past to say the least. He used to be a bright, cheerful, and happy child. He had the perfect family until he was 7, when his mom left. His mom leaving turned his dad into an abusive alcoholic, and when he was 13, he entered a very abusive relationship with no way out. Things changed when he was 15. He had already withdrawn himself from the world, being beaten everyday because of his dad and his girlfriend. It started as a small tug, but then grew stronger. One day, he snapped, and both his dad and his girlfriend happened to be there. He ended up killing them both, and when the cops arrive later they found both mangled and in a pool of blood, Celeste crouched and crying between them. The murder could never be traced back to him, so he was found innocent. Because of this though he has grown a deep hatred for women, and has become skittish, flinching when he feels like someone is about to hit him.

Demon Information

Not much is known about Celeste's Demon, Aster, but it is known that he, like Celeste, has a fascination with death. It is possible that he sparked that fascination in Celeste, but no one but Celeste can be sure. It is also known that he and Celeste are very close, and he seem's to be Celeste's only friend. Aster is a demon from the Second Circle, Lust. He may not have characteristics of a demon from the Second Circle, but he sure has the physical traits and the skills to be one. He is a master of seduction, having taught Celeste most of what he knows in that category, but, just like Celeste, Aster tends to use seduction and sex as a mean for enticing his prey and making them vulnerable. Very rarely is it for fun, and very rarely does he, or Aster, enjoy it. Aster is also said to be more open and expressive, unlike Celeste. He doesn't take on a physical form often, only when he knows him and Celeste are alone and won't be disturbed, or if he needs to in order to lure in prey for himself and Aster. Other than that he stays hidden, not wanting to risk being seen.

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