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Sylvia Foxx

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Kate Beckinsale
Human Pronouns
Human Age
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Demon Age
Art Gallery Manager

Character Summary

Sylvia Foxx

Human with Civil Demon
5' 7"
Art Gallery Manager
Take flight on the wings of the night
the artist
thanks to macy of shine

Books • Art • Chocolate • Caramel • Chai Latte • Foxes • Studio Ghibli • Fashion
Doing 'magic tricks' for children • Traveling the world • ASMR • Wine • Roses and Lilies

Cigarettes • Hard Liquor • Liars and Cheats • Heavy makeup • Overpowering perfumes/colognes
Most movie adaptations • Bad writing • Rigidity • Religion

Creative • Organized • Open-minded
Loyal • Ambiverted • Keeping secrets

Books • Seriously, books • Secrets
Chocolate w/ caramel • Foxes • Pasta
Ascensions and Legacies

High Priestess Tier 1. Ascension to "THE BARN OWL"
The barn owl is a curious character, wise and learned, though sometimes to the point of conceit. They are creative and possessive of knowledge, hoarding it for themselves. Secretive, the barn owl is at home with a night wind on its silent wings.
You feel new possibilities within you. You can now experience improved concentration, memory and academic skill. The dominions paper, animation, shadow, and sound are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

Wheel of Fortune Tier 1. Ascension to "THE FAVORITE CHILD"
The favorite child is elevated above the rest. Theirs is a life of felicity, of things falling into place and becoming well-liked, almost without trying. The favorite child is a being of success.
You feel new possibilities within you. You now have increased luck—all your rolls during an admin event will gain a -1, 0, +1, or +2 marker, decided by a four sided dice roll. The dominions air, flight, scrying, and light are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.


Major Control


Proficient Control




Greater Power

Pocket Space



Minor Power

Atom Smasher

Proficient Control

Character In-Depth

Sylvia Foxx
Syl, Silver, Argent
Art Gallery Manager
Human with Civil Demon
5' 7"
he only child of Andrew and Gloria Foxx - currently of Atlanta, Georgia - Sylvia was born on the night of a full moon in early October, nearly a year after her grandmother (and the former host of Haros) passed. Following the line of succession, Haros chose her as host, guaranteeing an interesting life, if nothing else. She spent her formative years being homeschooled by Gloria, until she was old enough to be sent to a boarding school in Europe. It was there that she was given advanced education and began to explore her interests.

Her early days were - put bluntly - boring. She attended school, made acquaintances but never friends, expanded her social network, and for the most part kept to herself. She often could be found reading, painting, or even sometimes writing. As she grew into her dominion powers, Sylvia began to experiment. She would use steam on dry watercolors, or infuse the steam with color and 'paint' canvas with it for an ethereal effect. Often she would perform 'magic tricks' for children, pulling a sweet out of apparent thin air, to the delight of the child and the consternation of some of the adults.

It wasn't until she attended university that she began to fully invest herself in her dominions. She took demonology classes alongside core curricula, and with the aid of Haros she began to experiment with sensory art that could elicit reactions in both humans and demons. At her father's encouragement, Sylvia began taking business management classes, and upon graduation took over as manager - and proprietor - of a local, failing art gallery in central London.

After a year of renovations, the gallery, now named Perception, opened to the public. Exhibits included a wide array of sensory triggers: sound booths, scented smoke fountains, and moving paintings were just a few of the possibilities. Booths that combined sound, scent, light, and temperature to evoke different emotions had become so popular that she made them a permanent fixture of the gallery, and when the ASMR phenomena became widespread, she took advantage of it and hired artists to make recordings for them. Artists from across the world were brought in to display their most unusual sensory experiences, and while the art world as a whole took some time to come around, eventually the gallery started turning enough profit that Sylvia was able to live comfortably doing something she enjoyed.

Of course, life with a demon at your side is never boring. Perception was targeted randomly by criminals and even, once, a group of protestors who decided her latest exhibit was "too controversial". There were attempted robberies, vandalisms, and several cases of arson. With the aid of Haros, Sylvia began utilizing her dominions to a greater extent. She started noticing people who were sweating more, their higher body temperature often a sign of nervousness. Her vision improved, able to discern heat signatures. The more she practiced, the better she was at seeing. Eventually she was even able to see better at night, a skill she'd had several causes to use, though Haros always stepped in to save her.

Still, it never deterred her from continuing her work. While the nature of the pieces remained tailored to multiple senses, the themes themselves began to be more diverse. The more controversial the exhibit, the happier she was. And despite curating a gallery largely filled with the work of others, Sylvia has never stopped creating her own pieces, which she displays in Perception and in galleries around the world. Now the only place left for her to explore is The City...

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Demon Information

Haros is, for all intents and purposes, the family demon. While others come and go, Haros decided to stick around, though no one really knows why. Speculation in the family is that his first host made a bargain, ensuring his loyalty, but whatever it was, he isn't talking. When his host dies, he waits around for the next child to be born, regardless of gender. This has caused some conflict in the past, but with his influence the family has lost some of their sense of gendered propriety.

Affectionately called Howl by Sylvia, Haros is definitely a diva. Despite his occasional bouts of petulance and vanity, and his overall spoiled demeanor, Haros is oddly loyal - at least to Sylvia. He prefers the laid-back lifestyle she provides, but will get serious in the blink of an eye when the situation calls for it. He has been known to take over dangerous situations, both to protect Sylvia and because he enjoys the rush.

He prefers to remain in his human form - currently a character from one of Sylvia's favorite movies - though he does enjoy embellishing it a little, largely to tease Sylvia. Haros especially enjoys the fact that his powers align very nicely with the character (though he'll never tell her that.) When not in his human form, he can often be spotted as an unusually large raven, and even has perches inside the gallery.

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