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Michael De La Croix

"This never ending story, paid for with pride and fate."
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Status: Invested in a deeply passionate and emotionally intense relationship that he's not even close to ready for.

Character Information

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Human with Civil Demon
Chris Evans
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Human Age
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Demon Age
Behemoth Captain

Character Summary

The very first thing you need to know about Michael is this: Even though he is Legion, he was raised Kairos. Given that, if you offend him, harm him, or hurt those he cares about, three generations of revenge is your pill to swallow. And he will make you choke down the whole thing... and then some.

Some have described Michael as being an angelic being, for his hair is a shade of gold not often seen, and his eyes are the kind of blue you can get lost in. Beware their warmth, however, for what is behind them is a soul without tenderness. Without compassion or fondness for anything... not even himself.

He is what some call a pattern reader. That is, he is mentally capable of watching a person or a thing go through a routine in such a way that he can predict what will happen next. Of course, this kind of skill isn't 100% accurate, and he sometimes gets the patterns wrong. In general, however, once he learns enough about you, he'll have an idea of what you're going to do next. This has always come in handy during investigations or fights, and he often doesn't realize how intently he's learning; this is a very innate and habitual ability.

As young as Michael is, he is also very well versed in the medical field. While he has dabbled in many areas, his favorites are microbiology and stem cell research. Chemistry, physics, and biology are little known passions of his, but when you're a masochist with a habit of falling into temptation far too quickly... it helps to know how and where and when he can harm himself to prevent permanent damage or death.

An emotional man built on a foundation of certainty that, on a whim, on a day like no other, crumbled. A man who has a ferocious thirst for life and for love, but who can't ever truly touch either. Not anymore. He is well beyond such luxuries now, beyond any kind of spiritual aid or guidance.

As young as he is, Michael De La Croix has been through events that most people never see in their entire lifetimes. He was raised in the lap of money and gifts and opulence. His life, before his fall, was one most would kill for. He got everything he ever wanted without effort until his early teens. Once he reached that age, his childhood was over. Despite that he was the younger brother, he was groomed by his father to one day take his place as Captain.

It was not to be. Because nothing is ever truly set in stone. Not when your older brother is a manipulative, lazy, cowardly asshole who has no idea what the term 'earned' means. Perhaps, in the end, it was Gabriel's playbook Michael began to read from and not his own. His very personal moral code crushed and retarded by the one thing he had always wanted... but now seemed entirely out of reach because of circumstances beyond his control. And for Michael... well, such things are a rarity.

A masochist by any other name, Michael's coping mechanisms are beyond extreme. He is merciless with himself, with his own skin and his own flesh and his own bones, driven to prove that he is not weak. That he deserved everything that was so forcefully taken away from him because he is a worthless piece of shit.

And with that masochism - that self pity that resonates in the physical - comes nightmares. Night terrors. Flashbacks. Demons that come to him in the night to make him remember what he used to be. He sleeps alone, if at all, due to the tremendous danger he poses to those close to him. His electricity will kill, and it responds to his emotions in the same way that facial expressions are want to do. When he is asleep, deep in a night terror or hypnagogic hallucination, you stay to comfort him at your own risk.

Over time, Michael has become tired. At only 28 years of age, he feels as though he has lived ten lifetimes already. It's only his pride and his need to cling to and protect his family - many of which he has shaky relationships with - that prevents him from putting the barrel of his Glock 22 into his mouth and pulling the trigger. And so he has grown reckless. Rushing into situations without thinking, not caring about the consequences.

Too spiritually crushed to believe he matters enough to take his own life. Too mentally shattered to care if he lives or dies.

More recently, Michael has obtained an outline of a 5-pointed Pentagram, or Baphomet, on the right side of his neck between his ear and his shoulder. When his fury is enough to make him lose all sense, a point darkens. When all 5 points become dark, and the entire pentagram is black, he becomes completely lost to himself and his demon. This was done by a professional tattoo artist with the Atom Smasher dominion.


Strength Tier 3. Ascension to “HUA MULAN”

Hua Mulan is a very famous legend based around a girl who, in order to protect her family, went to war in her father’s place. This tier belongs to those who are far more than they seem; who in their day-to-day life may seem dainty and delicate, but in their private life, they are dramatically stronger. These are people who fight for those around them before themselves; their battles are those to defend their loved ones, while preferring to avoid conflict when it comes to how they directly are treated.

Human Appearance Manifestation: You are now able to summon a set of interlocking metal armor, the color and style of which is entirely dependent on you; the only key is that it hides your face from view when you use it. This armor can protect against all bladed weapons and even against bullets. How much or how little you summon is entirely up to you! They can now switch fluidly between their original form and their ascension form.

You feel new possibilities within you. You are able to sense, intrinsically, if someone you love needs your help even when they are really far away from you. The dominions shapeshifting, superior senses, superior endurance, superior strength and superior speed are now augmented. +1 on all rolls in staff moderated events whenever using one of those dominions, and your character may show unusual command of it for their mastery.

The Star Tier 1. Ascension to "THE TAURUS"

The taurus, named after the sign in astrology, is an ascension who comes about when one loses faith in something important, or in oneself. The taurus also has another sense: abandonment. You may have abandoned something or someone, or someone or something may have abandoned you. Either way, the taurus is a path of loss.

You feel new possibilities within you. The dominions light, animation, pathfinding, and steam are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

The Devil Tier 1. Ascension to "THE MAMMON"

The mammon is a prince of hell. His command is over greed, and it is greed that leads the mammon to manipulate others. Temptation into avarice is one of his many sins.

You feel new possibilities within you. You can now more easily influence or manipulate others. The dominions shadow, duplicity, fire, and combustion are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

Mimicry - Godly

Weather - Greater

Paper - Greater

Combustion - Legendary

Superior Strength - Legendary

Electricity - Godly

Summoning - Proficient

Pathfinding - Minor

Invisibility - Legendary

Plants - Greater

Character In-Depth

Are you certain this is a journey you want to take?

This in-depth road full of betrayal and passion and rotten intentions. Sometimes, too, they were the best intentions, the kind that turned into gargoyles of deceit and manipulation. The kind that took Michael far away from the path of honesty and integrity. Far from the path he had always believed his father put him on.

You see, Michael was born in responsibility and luxury. He loved his brother, back in those days. Truly, he did. He always appreciated and adored the way Gabriel watched out for him during those younger years. The way he helped him up whenever he fell, both physically and otherwise. The way he hugged him when he cried or the way they laughed together after pulling some stupid prank on those who shouldn't be trifled with. And just the way that they were together, as though nothing could ever touch them. As though nothing could ever break such an immense bond between siblings.

But something...

Oh, but something did.

It wasn't long before Gabriel's life turned from obligation to partying and drinking and drugs and women and parties. Michael, at the time, was too young to really understand what it all meant; but his demon knew what it was all about. And It began to coach him. Guide him. From his permanent shadow, he began to understand the ways of the world through Its eyes. Through its more than 8 millennia of life.

Over time, and not very much of it, Michael began to grow concerned over his brother. He felt as though their relationship was faltering, and he tried in vain to bring him back to the place where he'd come from. To the place where he was supposed to be. That, too... was not meant to be.

Things became far worse after the death of their parents. First their mother and then their father. Michael once again attempted to rally his siblings together. He tried to draw both of them to his side, to comfort them. To mourn with them. He had always been very close with his sister, and she him, but Michael's priorities began to change the moment that he discovered that his beloved father... had left all of the money and assets...

To Gabriel.

Michael was wounded. Deeply. He had never felt so crushed, expert perhaps when Gabriel had been chosen over him to lead the family in Nathanial's place. The blow left the youngest De La Croix brother with nothing; instead of remaining under Gabriel's wing, however, Michael left them all behind. He was the epicenter of a rage he couldn't rightly contain. Sparks flew. Anything nearby with gas or heat or any kind of spark erupted into terrible balls of flame. Shockwaves from the explosions knocked people down, felled small trees, and caused no small amount of chaos. He let himself, for perhaps the last time, actually feel grief. Loss. Hurt. And then... he put it all away. He sucked it the fuck up, and he swallowed his pride. He wasn't going to go crawling back to his traitor brother, no; he was going to make it on his own in a way that would, in the end, teach Gabriel why he wasn't a little kid. Not anymore.

With his dominion over paper and an already spectacular resume, it didn't take much effort for Michael to get into Legion. He was a smooth talker with a charming persona, no thanks to how he'd been raised. It hadn't all been bloody in Kairos. He found his entrance into Legion through loopholes, power play, and manipulation. And then, when the time was perfect...

He manipulated the Behemoth Captain into a place of solitude. He killed him over dinner with a shock to the heart; as far as anyone knew beyond that, the older Captain had perished via a freak heart attack.

Michael arrived at the office the following day, and he grieved with the others of Legion before he stated that he would be the new Behemoth Captain. He had all the know how, and even though he hadn't been in Legion long, he had plenty of influence and more than enough experience to back his claim to the title up. Others have since challenged him for the position, but it's funny how paper gets lost or how strange mistakes are by by.... those less qualified.

After that, on the inside, where once he had felt the lasting thrum of warmth... now all he felt was cold. A chill that settled in his spine, prickling at his core. And all the while, his demonic dragon crouched there at his back. Breathing against the back of his head. Wafting Its corrupt guidance into his emotionally broken soul.

Demon Information

It has never had a name.

And if It was named once, such things have been lost to history.

It is bone and fire and electricity. It is the storm of destruction and the shadow of death. Its teeth are immense enough to crush cars and its talons are sharp enough to make anything bleed. It oozes decay, a kind of destructive necrosis that stinks like rot and old bones.

While It is a formidable force all on Its own physically, It is also conniving and manipulative. It is a beast with both brawn and brains, a formidable demon of draconic origins. The day It attached itself to Michael, it began to coerce him, guide him, teach him. It whispered in his ear, in his mind. Softly, gently. In such a way that no force was necessary. And slowly, over time, It gained his trust. Until now, today...

It is truly the only thing that he relies upon.

Michael's demon is always warm, and it enjoys basking in sunlight on warm days. Despite that It has wings, they are old, demolished, crushed. Remnants of what they once were. Given this, It is unable to fly, though It has never had any desire to, no. It has always chosen to be as unfailingly close to Its human as possible, offering him the support he gets nowhere else. Influencing his belief that he is all alone in the world.

All alone, yes.

All alone except for It.

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