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Rory Moore

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Charli xcx
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age

Character Summary

Erratic | Romantic | Passionate | Carefree

Longer than the demons have mingled with humans, I have been here. I was here before the first human, I was here with the first humans. I have seen civilizations build and fall and I have not cared. Why should someone like me care about civilizations when I remember the world before even the cavemen hunted? I have lived a million lives and have died a million times. I care little for the continuation of humankind, I only partake in the enjoyment of living for the sake of living itself. Humans are strange and I enjoy taking their form, enjoying their lives and playing in their world.
Most of my memories are lost to time and in the transition from body to body. But do memories really matter, anyway? I enjoy many of the luxuries of the flesh. Everyone loves me or hates me and I have a commanding presence. I am in control until I don't want to be anymore. I am strong, I am all encompassing, and I am here to enjoy whatever this life has to offer.
Ascensions and Legacies
Vision | Major : Power
Dreams | Greater : Power
Steam | Proficient : Control
Superior Senses | Minor
Regeneration | Proficient : Power
Conjure | Minor
Flight | Lesser

Character In-Depth

Brown hair | Brown eyes | 5'8"
Tends towards revealing or outlandish clothing. She enjoys dressing up in her own way.
Heels are a must and she tends to show off her body

None of what Rory thinks is true. She is a normal human, with a normal life, in a normal world. The only unique thing about Rory is her mental stability. Her mind is riddled with delusions, showing her a world that isn't real. She is obsessive, unstable, and erratic. Many times, her mood will shift with seemingly no cause except for the imaginary one.
Rory is a romantic type, though her thoughts on romance are different from many others. The moment she has decided she likes you, you are her only thought. She becomes obsessed, her vision clouded by her delusions. Her form of romance tends to be extreme and includes stalking, tormenting, and possibly murder. Though typically docile, she is her most dangerous when in her warped version of love.
With her delusions of grandiose, Rory doesn't often care about those around her if they don't catch her affection. Often she comes off as cruel, though really her coldness is only because she absolutely doesn't care.
Once Rory finds something that keeps her attention, she because attached to it, obsessed with it. Her obsessions come off as passion most of the time. All emotions she feels are extreme. She doesn't feel dislike, she feels hate. She doesn't find something off putting, she finds it disgusting. What might normally be exciting turning into the best thing she has ever seen.
Rory can come off as quite charming, on her good days. She uses this to her advantage. Do not trust her.

Demon Information

Called | Flora
Eats | dreams
Form | plant tattoo going up Rory's shoulder ending just under her jaw, slightly shifting

Flora had always been curious about the humans. She cared for them, unlike many of the demons in the beginning. At first, she had presented herself as a healer of sorts. She took an affinity to the plants of this world, caring for them with a particular flare that caused one human to call her Flora. Her old name has been gone for most of her time wandering the world, replaced by this new one.
Flora quickly grew to love the humans, keeping her feeding only to the minimum and never branching out. When the opportunity arose, she immediately gave up her solo life to share vessels with humans, living through their eyes. It was wonderful, until she had the bad luck of getting paired with Rory.
All of Rory's instabilities come directly from her own brain. Ever since she was a young girl, the demon could tell something was wrong. As she got older, her delusions started manifesting in severely disturbing ways. The demon knew the problems that could come from her violent tendencies. If she were to go unchecked, it would not take long before she got locked up in one way or another. Flora had no interest in spending any of her time trapped in any confined space, and so took up the mission to help Rory.
Any sanity that Rory still has comes directly from her demon's intervention. Flora helps to curb Rory's instincts, keeping her from doing many of the things she would want to do. She was never able to completely help the delusions, but she fought constantly just to keep Rory on the edge; civil enough to stay afloat. She can only do so much, but by god, she is trying.

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