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Talia Cash

I would spread my wings, if they weren't so heavy
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Marilhea Pellard
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Customer Service Call Rep

Character Summary

Introverted | Nature Lover | Observant | Kind

Talia has always had a good social memory. She could remember every name and every face. If you told her your birthday or your favorite snack, she never forgot. It's not something she ever had to work on but just something that was always there. Talia would fail her classes but could tell you all her teachers' first names.
She yearns to be liked and cares deeply about everyone. Yet, she has an introverted nature and prefers spending her time drinking tea by a river or reading a book in the park. Quiet and thoughtful, Talia stores away every facet she learns about a person so she can use them to better understand them. She's a people person who doesn't like to be around people for too long.
Fear laces most of Talia's interations: she is scared to touch people, scared to disappoint them, scared to come off as strange or unnerving. If she touches them, will their flesh start rotting? If she disappoints or worries them, will their thoughts judge her, mock her?
These thoughts make her seem cold and distant, though under the surface she is warm and kind. She tends towards emotion rather than logical and is prone to outbursts. Frustration, fear, and yearning are Talia's driving emotions.
Ascensions and Legacies
Fire | Proficient : Control
Shadow | Lesser
Technopathy | Minor
Disintegration | Lesser
Telepathy | Proficient : Control
Necrosis | Proficient : Power

Character In-Depth

Brown eyes | Brown hair | 5'6"
Regardless of the weather, Talia has a habit of wearing long sleeves and long pants
By herself, she wears tank tops and flowing clothes

When she heard the news, Talia had been excited. So excited. She'd been adopted after spending the entire first two and a half years of her life in the orphanage. She only remembers bits and pieces now, but one thing she does remember: seeing her new brother for the first time. Her new parents were wonderful, but she had met them already. The first time she saw her brother, she was so excited. This was a real family, a full family. Her family.
He scowled at her before marching right back inside.
Her new parents consoled her when she cried, but she remembers feeling an even stronger want to love her brother. She would, eventually, make him like her.

That day did come. They became incredibly close, never leaving the other's side. His demon wanted to see him go insane, hers wanted to watch the world burn. They were a good pair, in that respect. He was there, the first time her necrosis popped up. It was sudden and terrifying; who would guess a game of tag could go so wrong? It took a few minutes for Matteo to notice. Talia saw it just as he registered it and it horrified her. Just as her own fear took over, he seemed to stay calm. It was as if it were just a small scratch he hadn't noticed before. It was small and didn't spread, but it was there for the rest of his life. The bright, white scar stayed as a reminder of the event, haunting Talia.
Ever since, she's had a fear of touching people. It's never enough to kill anyone, but having a chunk of flesh rot can easily ruin someone's life. So she covers her skin and tries not to touch anyone for any reason, scared of hurting them. This leaves her frustrated and lonely a lot of the time, spending a lot of time alone or with her brother. She enjoys a lot of lonely activities, camping and hiking being her favorites. There's no one to bother when you're alone.

Demon Information

Eats | Unknown
Look | A small sugar glider, typically on shoulders/arms

It has been with Talia forever, though it never speaks, never directly communicates with her. It has never been clear what it eats or why it takes the form it does. The only thing she gets from it is emotions, the want to burn, to scream, to laugh, to cry. It's never a clear emotion and they aren't always the same. They're always inappropriate, though. The urge to cry over a comedy, the want to laugh at bad news, the sudden desire to set something on fire or disintegrate it. Maybe it feeds on her discomfort? Maybe it just likes to ruin situations. Maybe it's just an old demon getting a giggle off of watching Talia control these urges. She'll never know because it will never tell.

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