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Lily White

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Dove Cameron
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
She, Her, Hers
It, it's, their
Spirit Detectives
Personal masseuse

Character Summary

Lily is a bright, friendly, and energetic girl brimming with spunk and positivity. She is optimistically bubbly, caring and a hyper sort of girl. She is a dreamer and a wanderer and isn't sure what exactly she wants to do with the rest of her life. For the time being she is just living in the moment and enjoying the adventure and surprises that life has given her. Lily is a girl who likes to DO instead of WATCH. She's not into sitting around much and gets bored easily with the same things all the time. Maybe not a born leader, but she has the spirit and fire to make her life worth something. Lily is also quite silly and can ramble on without pause when she is excited.


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Character In-Depth

Lily was a runt born into a family of athletic giants. Her older brothers were soccer and track jockies and even her older sister joined the basketball teen in junior high. She was never into those things and doing cartwheels and splits were as close as she got to being athletic. It worked out for the best because she was so little growing up that she wouldn't have reached the targeted weight required to be on a sports team. But her interest lied more in music and dance like many other normal girls and she liked drawing things too.

Even when it came to their dominions her siblings gained the abilities of strength, speed, and endurance, things that would make them even better at sports. The only thing that she gained that might work well in a sporting event was the ability to fly or at least levitate off the ground. That would have been a good strength for a basketball player if she was any good at it. Another difference between her siblings was their demons were civil while hers was primal.

While her brothers and sister excelled in sports she did what she liked and found a talent there. When she started high school Lily entered into a talent show and people seemed to really enjoy her song and dance. So she found her calling of sorts and by eleventh grade she had joined up with a few other girls and formed a band. She had started to learn to play the guitar and because of her level of skill she ended up being the back up singer in the group. It wasn't the worst thing that could happen, and she was happy being apart of the band and the future was looking bright.

She made a lot more friends during this time and she became really popular with the boys. Lily might have been the backup singer but she was the most well liked because of her cuteness and pretty face. she became more active in the last two years of school where she finally got into a sport which was tennis. Not the best and she didn't join a team it was still fun to play with her friends. The band stayed together until the end of the final year of school before they went their separate ways. It was fun while it lasted but the girls all had different wants for their future. College and other things were up for grabs but more than anything at the time Lily wanted to go to The City.

It was a something that a lot of the kids were talking about and it sounded very exciting, It was a very long way to get there but there was rumor going around that all a person had to do was wish they could get there and there they would be. She didn't believe it, that was just silliness but she tried it anyway. Lily wished with all her heart that she was in The City at moment and HUFF. Suddenly there she was in the middle of the grand city dressed in nothing but her underwear, wearing slippers, and holding a pillow.

Demon Information

cloazhar was a sneaky snake like demon who delighted in causing hysteria and panic in the world of man. It used trickery, and lies to sway one person against the other, turning one man against another. Worst of all it used hallucinations to change their perception of reality and drive them all insane.

The demon dwell within a court wizard for many years while poisoning the minds of men until the wizard was killed one day and the demon with him. From then forward the tricky demon was reborn, appearing from time to time through out history until now. cloazhar has no physical shape but exist within Lily as pure raw energy. It keeps her going and energized and is the reason why she finds it hard to stay still for very long.

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