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Evan Morgan

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Hi! I'm Callanthas, open to any kind of plots with no restrictions! Feel free to PM or @ me in Discord!

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Lucas Dell
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
White Rabbit
Information Broker

Character Summary

Evan is aware that he has the kind of good looks that can get one far, if you know how to uses them. He comes off as cocky and sure of himself, though really he tends to bite off more than he can chew. Ever the optimist, he likes to think everything will work out.
Ascensions and Legacies
The Lovers Tier 2. Ascension to “THE EROS”

The Eros refuses to be tied down. They are a being of sex and attraction, leaving a string of broken hearts behind themselves. Affairs are their bread and butter, and they wear the title of ‘homewrecker’ with pride.

You can feel new possibilities within you. You can now induce lust - not love - in others, causing them to be infatuated with you as long as you renew the bind by being intimate with the person. This bond can exist with multiple people, but the more people you bind to yourself the weaker your influence over them. You can now easily persuade other people. The dominions pathfinding, empathy, telepathy, and pheromones are now augmented. Any dominion you and the person you most care about share is also augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.
Invisibility- Major. Power based
Light - Minor Control based
Shadow - Major Control based
Air - Proficient Control based
Ice - Lesser Power based
Duplicity - Lesser Control based

Character In-Depth

Evan was born in Kildare County, Ireland. His mother abandoned the family when he was just two, and nobody has seen her since. He tries not to think about it much - she never mattered in his life, after all. His father, however, took up drinking and while he was never violent or abusive, became distant enough that Evan was taken in by his grandparents and they moved to Dublin.

While he wasn't the smartest in his class, he cared little for the cliches of social groups and he befriended everyone he could, since he always had a happy demeanor. This led to befriending some small time hustles - taking compromising pictures of married teachers sleeping with their students, students bribing teachers for a better grade, the key sheet to that new scantron test... Anything he could learn and sell, was a good source of pocket money. Gramp and Gram were old, and while they strove to provide, it wasn't always enough.

After getting his Leaving Certificate at 18 from his Comprehensive School, he decided to strike it rich in The City. Maybe his parents had fucked up and become good-for-nothing, but he wanted bigger things. He tried his old tactics, though it was harder this time - everyone seemed too guarded, less prone to carelessness. Soon enough, he was noticed by the White Rabbit and recruited, and while he might now be in the lowest echelons, he hopes to go up the ranks.

Demon Information

Kordran, his Demon, has always had a penchant for knowledge - seeking it, learning it. Disseminating it. It wasn't long before he managed to steer his young companion the same way. He shares little of what other lives he has lived, though he has revealed his exact age in human years.

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