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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Eva Roux
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Accountant & Security for Rose House

Character Summary

Ananke is quiet (even when speaking), polite (for the most part), and cold (with no exceptions). She takes her job, whatever it is, with the upmost seriousness and hates having her duties obstructed. This is less because of a healthy work ethic and more because she'd rather think about something other than herself at all times, but the result is the same, so the reasoning hardly matters. She hates to be outdone, will stop at nothing when her decision has been made, and absolutely always wants to stay in control of herself. For the most part she'll leave you alone. Just don't provoke her. Or get in her way.
Full Name Ananke
Pronounciation a'-nan-kee
Gender Female
Sexuality Asexual
Relationship Single
Alignment True Neutral
True Form N/A
Ascensions and Legacies
Three of Swords
Ascension to The Wolverine
The wolverine is a powerful animal. These tough animals are solitary, and they need a lot of room to roam. they are tenacious predators with a taste for meat. Wolverines easily dispatch smaller prey but may even attack animals many times their size. [You feel new possibilities within you. When a creature is backed into a corner does it become more dangerous. During these times you can manifest a set of steel alloy claws that may or may not shred through most materials. You must roll for effectiveness when using them.]
Superior StrengthGodly | Control
TeleportationGodly | Control
FlightLegendary | Control
Force FieldLegendary | Power
Superior SpeedLegendary | Power
BiomancyGreater | Control
InvisibilityGreater | Power
InvunerablilityGreater | Power
PrecognitionGreater | Power
RegenerationGreater | Control
SoundGreater | Control
Superior EnduranceGreater | Power

Character In-Depth

Ananke was first born between two demons: one that wanted to be a mother, and one that wanted to be a father. As a result, she was made a child, to serve their whims. Something small, something frail, something they could tuck into bed at night and coddle all they wanted. Unfortunately, while they appeared to want a child, what they really desired was a toy, to uphold their sham of a human lifestyle; as Ananke grew up, she began to notice things going awry as her parents celebrated her tenth birthday. And then the tenth. And then the tenth again. She was trapped in a charade for twenty years until finally, against the demands of her 'parents', Ananke left them for good.

It was not an easy separation. She had been made as property, and the need to belong, to fulfill purpose, still stuck with her. Growth came slowly, and Ananke would remain small and childish for a very long time. Abandoned and adrift in the world, the demon would latch herself onto any purpose she could find. She has been everything from a diner cook to a thief for hire, but the place where she spent the longest was the Legion by far. Fifty years she was a part of them. A patrolman, a detective, a sergeant, then a Captain. A follower, then a leader. A subordinate, then a commander. A child, then an adult... Until the day she'd been tasked with taking down a forgery ring, and nothing was ever quite the same.

Height Five Foot Three
Skin Pale
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Build Slight
Tattoos None
Scars None
Piercings None
Vices Smokes and Drinks
She doesn't like to think back to it. Think about the day the silver-eyed priest whispered some spell too powerful to fight against, the day the compulsions started. Demons eat demons. It's in their nature. But it's been a call Ananke has often refused until the day that she'd been compelled to eat one of her own officers. Ever since then, it's been a thought in the back of her mind. A pit in her stomach. She seeks distraction once more, a means to belong, a way to make it so she doesn't have to think about it. Just never think about it. Because the more she does, the more she threatens to slip over the edge, and forfeit something she didn't know could be taken from her. And for someone who is missing so much of herself already, Ananke does not want to find out what else she has to lose.

Demon Information

Many demons have a 'true form'; they wear a human guise to blend into society, but in times of duress (or even perhaps their changing whims) will transform into something more beastly, or less human. Ananke is not one of them. She had been made in humanity's image, first a child, then not. At her core, her upbringing made her fundamentally human; she has no god complex and no sense of superiority over those not her kind. But as the years have worn on, the demon has become much less attached to the little creatures her kind feeds on. When you grow older, as old as demons do, and more powerful, as some entities will, you experience three phases: the naive, the cynical, and something entirely different. She's starting to reach the cusp of the second stage. And after that... Ananke doesn't know what she'll become.

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