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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age

Character Summary

What does it matter to you what Ananke is like? She doesn't know you. She doesn't care about you. If you're not her employer or a means of distraction, you can go.
I. BiomancyMajor | Control
II. FlightLegendary | Control
III. Force FieldGreater | Power
IV. InvisibilityGreater | Power
V. InvunerablilityGreater | Power
VI. PrecognitionMinor | Power
VII. SoundGreater | Control
VIII. Superior EnduranceProficient | Power
IX. Superior SensesMinor | Control
X. Superior SpeedLegendary | Power
XI. Superior StrengthGodly | Control
XII. TeleportationGodly | Control

Character In-Depth

Ananke was first born between two demons: one that wanted to be a mother, and one that wanted to be a father. As a result, she was made a child, to serve their whims. Something small, something frail, something they could tuck into bed at night and coddle all they wanted. Unfortunately, while they thought they'd wanted a child, what they really desired was a toy; as Ananke grew, at least on the inside, they did not allow her to act it. She was trapped in a charade for twenty years until finally, against the demands of her 'parents', Ananke left them for good.

It was not an easy separation. She had been made as property, and the need to belong, to fulfill purpose, still stuck with her. Going back was not an option, so the demon, adrift in the world, would latch herself onto any purpose she could find. She has been a hair-cutter, a diner cook, and a thief for hire. A cashier, a clerk, and a housekeeper. Every occupation, she clung to until her employer either let her go or died, and every time, she did so in the guise of a child- all the way up until the day the Legion, newly formed, started looking for recruits on the same day that store she'd been working at previously shut down. She became an officer that day. A patrolman, a detective, a sergeant, then a Captain. A follower, then a leader. A subordinate, then a commander. A child, than an adult.

Until the day she'd been tasked with taking down a forgery ring, and nothing was ever quite the same again.

She doesn't like to think back to it. Think about the day the silver-eyed priest whispered some spell too powerful to fight against, the day the compulsions started. Demons eat demons. It's in their nature. But it's been a call Ananke has often refused, up until the day that she'd been compelled to eat one of her own officers. Ever since then, it's been a thought in the back of her mind. A pit in her stomach. She seeks distraction once more, a means to belong, a way to make it so she doesn't have to think about it. Just never think about it.

Demon Information

Ananke is constantly seeking distractions. Her newest employment takes up time, true, but in-between tasks, when Etienne sends her away to do absolutely nothing, she's been looking for things to substitute what now must be a terrible addiction. She is more open now to human experiences, but often loses interest when they fail to keep her occupied for long.