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Byhalia Vega-Grayson

I am the Dreamer and you are the Dream
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Liv Tyler
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Mechanic/ Inventor

Character Summary

Byhalia is a seemingly cold woman. Indifferent and quiet but her reserved nature is only barely holding her sanity within. She doesn't mean to be so apathetic or blunt, its just the way she was forged. Her past broke her, several times over and it damaged her severely.

If you happen to get her talk about what she likes, you can see a notable difference in attitude. She perks up a bit more but still is quite terse. But she's trying.
She has certain triggers that will cause her PTSD to react severely. Her perception of reality, once triggered, is that what is before her isn't real but a dream caused by her captors. She will panic and actually raise her voice, going into a frenzy
Ascensions and Legacies

Death Tier 2.

Ascension to “THE DOGWOOD”

The dogwood flower represents resurrection and sacrifice. It is a symbol of loss, but also hope. It is a reminder that even in death one can find solace and a way forward to better things. A loss may still open the door to new and even better things. The dogwood is a figure of hope and moving on.

You feel new possibilities within you. People now find you uneasy to be around. You now carry an aura of peace about yourself and find that you can accept hardships with more grace and calm. The dominions necromancy, necrosis, biomancy, and blood are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.


Greater :: Control


Greater :: Control


Proficient :: Control


Legendary :: Control


Major :: Power


Greater :: Control

Character In-Depth

Byhalia was born to Nita Vega and Carter Grayson, but that wasn't the exciting part. Her parents, soon after her birth, realized that she wasn't normal. The little baby grew as little babies do but she was smart. A little genius, a little prodigy that they were immensely proud of. Yet, that little slice wouldn't last very long because Nita started to get sick.

Byhalia was 6 at the time of her mother's death from cancer. Fully aware of what happened, the little girl turned to making things as a way out. A way to deal. By the time she was 15, she had finished high school and was on her way to her first year in college. That's when some of her troubles started. Well, mainly her father's troubles.

He had gotten in over his head and promised that Byhalia could do all these things without her knowing. Certain people, higher ups, had wanted results. She didn't even get to finish her college career because those people grew tired of waiting and kidnapped them both. She didn't want them to kill the only other person she had still alive so she did what they wanted. She made things, made tools and weapons for them. Using her brilliant mind to concoct toys for them to use.

They even locked her up, abused her with drugs and beatings to keep her going. They even got ahold of her demon and tortured him as well. Finally, after 4 years, Byhalia had found a way out. Yet, it seemed that fate had other plans for her. The plan went smoothly, getting herself and her demon out but her father was killed in the crossfire. At the hands of his own daughter, no less.

The government that had gotten her out of there, had their own eyes set on what she could do as well. They said it was to undo the damage that she had caused. So she became in their possession but they were much more subtle about their persuasiveness by guilting her to stay. And when she found out what they were doing to her, she learned they were called the Facility. She fell into depression and it worsened her PTSD to the point where she would have breaks in her sanity. Finally, her demon made sure that they wouldn't find her again.

She went back to what she liked to do. She built stuff, worked on cars and other machinery. They wouldn't hurt her. They were just cold metal waiting to be used by her.

Demon Information

Tongue-in-cheek :: Intelligent :: Protective
Through the Ghost.
Azrael used to take the form of the anime character Traflagar Law but recent events have forced him to fully develop a human form. As his host changes, so must he and he must always develop to keep her intellgience alive. He still keeps the tired eyes and his weapon on him with that form, just he became a bit more real.

His true form has never been seen to Byhalia but he takes on an armored and gigantic form that full towers at 60 feet fall. His armor never comes off and his ever-present Notachi grows with him.

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