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Aiden James Romano

"You ain't got shit on me bitches!"
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Nico Tortorella
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
He, Him, His
Vice Lord / Avaritia / Weapons dealer

Character Summary

Aiden is an enigmatic person and a lunatic. He is a viscous creature and delights in toying with others. He is skillful in many ways, but his best weapon is his word and his mouth. Mystery to the end, no one truly understands him but himself. Aiden is a wide card, a merciless demon and a force to be reckoned with.There is no shame in anything that Aiden does. He operates under the assumption that he is always right and everyone else is just late catching on. He sees the world through colored lenses and that color is red. In his mind, he has seen the worst that man kind could do, and he isn't anywhere close to that so in the least he's not the biggest monster but he could become that. The only person that Aiden loves is himself, the only person that he needs is himself. It's the rest of the world that need him. However, they can ever only get part of him, because love is not something that he can do. Aiden is incapable of loving another person, but he has and will use that to his advantage on people who are found seeking his affections.
Ascensions and Legacies

Alchemy - Lesser- control based

Metal - Minor - power based

Combustion - Major - control based

AUGMENTATION - Lesser - power based

Character In-Depth

Aiden was the second born of three kids to a family that would never be whole. Just before his little sister was born his father was called back into service to the country to fight in a war that would likely never end. He spent two years of his life without a father, and when the man returned, he was never the same. The man that Aiden knew was gone and in his place a bitter, angry drunk who almost tore their family apart. He went away to get help and in doing so shattered any hope that Aiden had of a normal and good family. He blamed the government for their lost and no one told him different.The boy became out spoken from a young age, Aiden found himself on the wrong like of many people. He got into a lot of fights, and the ones that he couldn't talk his way out of, he won. For those that he lost, they only served as a reminder of how NOT to fight. This went on for years and he developed a healthy relationship with hatred.By his teen years, Aiden had started to act out more.

With a little more freedom and know-how, he stepped out into the world ready to live it up. The anger that had been inside of him, knotting up could finally be released. In an effort to help the boy, his teachers got him to join sports teams but he was a little too aggressive for soccer, so he joined the wrestling team. Aiden seemed to have a talent for the art and it was a good way to release his pent up emotions and better than fighting on the streets.However his arm was broken during a match and he was put out for the rest of the season. That was when he met a pretty girl who was as smart as she was attractive. Cara convinced Aiden to join the debate team to express himself in a different and non violent way. Always a mouthy child to begin with, it was here that he learned to put his voice to use and have his voice heard by people that weren't trying to beat him to death.Since high school Aiden became more interested in speaking out against the troubles in the world and he soon joined a community group. This group spoke out against injustice and rallied for causes that they saw as right. One such cause was a memorial being put up for war vets to show appreciation for their sacrifices.

Aiden for one was against this because of the troubles that his father had suffered since he returned with no government help. Aiden wanted to deface the memorial, but he had to convince the non violet group to aid in his cause. He was able to win most of them over but one member refused to be swayed. For him it was about a lot more than standing out. He hated these people, hated their laws and anyone who willingly followed the rules. Anyone who believe the lies he saw as a traitor and couldn't trust them. Aiden decided to nip this before the one member was able to turn the others against him and he ran the apposed member over with a car. In the hospital and in critical condition the other member was in no way able to stop him now.

After he destroyed the memorial and the death of the other member after the accident, he had to flee and vanish from sight.On the streets and on the run he did what he had to survive, including stealing and even brutalizing others to get what was theirs. Aiden ended up in the jail of a small town that he had wandered to, after their sheriff and deputy caught him robbing the bank. Not long after a wild gang of thugs bombed the station and Aiden and a few others were able to escape. Given the chance to join the group, Aiden took it and became one of them.This small time gang grew, it's numbers rising with the out cast, deranged, and those who no longer had a home to go to.

The gang continued to move, seeking to form itself into something worth the cause. Time passed, and the gang moved on from the town, losing members to attacks by police and rival gangs. However, they remained a unit and the survivors continued forward their next stop. THE CITY. By this time the group were no more than about 4 strong and losing ground. Two went their own way and Aiden and another remained true to the gang life. During this time of fall out Aiden met a man named Jensen Avaritia who was a prime member of a larger than life group known as the Kairos. Aiden was swept up into the life in a blink of an eye.

Jensen taught him the RIGHT way to live as an outlaw and introduced him into his newest love. WEAPONS. Aiden had been a fan of guns for a time, but he had never had anything like this. The range of weapons that the Karios had were only things he had dreamed of before. Jensen took Aiden under his arm and into his bed. They became the perfect master and pupil and Aiden learned everything that there was to learn about being a bad ass and dealing weapons.

But little did anyone know that Aiden had an even greater love and that was being the man, being a god. Life as Jensen's second was fine for a time but he needed more. The life was good, the parties, the ever flowing money, nice cars, the men, the women but being the boss meant having all that all the time. So he went to work, did everything he needed to get noticed by the higher ranking members, and making all the big deals. Aiden was as aggressive as they came and he succeed where his mentor had failed. Soon enough a new vice lord was named and Aiden took his mentor's place. This didn't set well with Jensen who tried to have Aiden killed and when that didn't work he tried again himself. Aiden showed his true viscous side and being a true demon relieved Jensen of his spinal bone which he then pinned to a plate and placed it on the wall of his new office.

Demon Information

Aiden is a twisted demon who enjoys pleasure and pain both together and a part. He is a dominant personality and enjoys being in control at work as well as in the bed. He lives likes hard and he goes hard at work and in bed as well. He lives two lives it would seen, one as a weapon's dealer who continues to make bank til this day, and then there is his personal life. He has his likes, his picks and what he expects from his lovers. To that end, he can off to them a wonderful life as long as they know their place. Dates are a dime a dozen, a hook up is just that. He is a passionate demon, possessive, and quiet the animal when he wants to be.

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