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A dream that is too cruel is born: Evil
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Lee Seung Gi
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Looks 26
Purgatorio Vice Lord

Character Summary

"Black fog and sticky night
A dark night where nothing can be seen.
I grab what brushes my hand
But it’s only the extreme sense of being,
That’s weighed me down.

I’m out of my mind."

I am what comes out of the shadows, poking and prodding. I am the product of the hatred and violence from days of old. Always watching, always grinning. I am the hand in the shadows that they warn you about.

Are you here to entertain me? I shall take your hearts as payment for your existence. You are a sore upon the earth, always consuming you filthy meat bags. I am here to show you a better path because you obviously cannot be left to your own devices.

Savage, cruel and yet you call us the demons? You humans have made this Earth into a wasteland and I am here to settle the score. We only serve to bring out the worst in you, which it isn't very hard. Just a whisper, sometimes. That's all that's needed and you tear each other apart. How quaint, indeed.

Do not pretend that you are above it all. Humans are weak and I shall see it through, the submission of all. No one shall escape my grasp and no one will have their power over me. I have had enough of your shenanigans upon this Earth. It is time for deliverance.




This demon loves to feed upon hearts if he were to be feasting upon bodies. One that would want to tango with him would often find themselves the prey instead of the predator. Even those who think they have the upper hand, often don't.

Originally going by Soneillon, the demon has long forgotten his true name due to events that happened in the past. Precious few know this name and none dare to tell him until he discovers it for himself. Until then, he is Jinki.

-His sword
-Zee Raziel

-Waiting for any fucking thing
-Texting Because he is really bad at it


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Character In-Depth

Sonneillon. That was his name, once upon a time but it was long forgotten by the demon as the years went on.

He originally came into being in the 29th Century. Directly in the developing Korea of the ancient days. The demon wasn’t originally such a thing of hatred and anger but something that was lost. Mischevious and prideful, Sonneillon preyed upon the rich as well as the ones in charge. Never could he stand someone lording over other beings as if they were nothing.

It was during that time that he met other demons like himself. Others that put the energies that Sonneillon was burning away, to good use. In and out of trouble was normal for him, until a separation caused him to realize that not everything still went on. For the first time, he didn’t know what to do so he reverted back to the days where it was just him and pillaged.

Yet, there was something sad in his anger. Something that caught the eye of one being. It took a time but the woman he met, only quelled the storm inside. Going by Jinki, the demon found himself falling down into the pit of emotions caused by love. That was until she found out what he truly was.

A demon.

A monstrous being that was seen as something beneath others. No, once she rejected him after all that time... something in him snapped. He killed the entire village of people, howling at the moon for all of his misery. He killed them all, save for her. Nobody would stand between them but death would. She killed herself, cursing his name and he fell into another pit of emotions.

Jinki… Jinki is what was chanted. His hatred grew for the flesh bags, wondering how he ever was truly alive living among them. The name was chanted so much that he forgot his true name, desperate to bury all of that. No longer was he Sonneillon but Jinki, a collision of anger and greed that had been set to boil. But that was only the beginning for the demon.

The years went on and time never stopped as he sat in the shadows. He waited, he chuckled in the dark as things toyed with their lives around him. They were all pieces of flesh that would serve his goals, one way or another. Whether it was a heart that he ripped out of their chests or it was subtly playing The Game, Jinki weaved his splintering mind and soul through the ages.

There would be one more time he would have another psychotic break, this time leveling a city. Blood dripped from the cracks as his razor sharp claws ripped through the bodies. He was so sick of it all. How did they survive? They were all like roaches, finding ways through the cracks. He was losing his mind, just as the day was long.

Without some sort of purpose, Jinki found his way to the City. The mixture of human and demon actually soothed a bit of the soul, but not by much. There was something that kept rebounding back into his mind, something that kept calling out to him but he couldn’t remember what it was. And it was pissing him off.

He was glory brought upon the humans. He was the sweet release when they asked for it and he was sitting there right on the edge of madness as he grinned at them all. Jinki watched and waited but not for long. There were things that interested him and he was there to have fun now. At your cost.

Demon Information

His true form is the shape above. A creature born of darkness. He uses this form only when loses all control of himself or when he's in the throes of pure fury. He's only lost control twice so far, but as for his anger.... That's another story.

He uses his powers for lies, for spiteful retribution of the higher classes and just for his own amusement. They help to pretty up his words or his actions and to help him escape from harm. His sword is also a favorite of his, as he is highly proficient in swordmanship. Whether his words or his blade, Jinki is out for hearts.

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