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Sage Clemins

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Kennedy Dawn Stearns
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Administrative Apprentice at Henche and Sweeney

Character Summary

Enthusiastic | Dense | Sociable | Free spirit | Daydreamer
Eyes: blue-grey | Height: 5'4"

Sage has always been a girl with her head in the clouds. From a young age, she loved to read fantasy or watch action filled movies. She loved to draw, too, though she was never good at it. That has continued into her early adulthood, making her very imaginative and quick thinking.

A sweet girl, Sage is very emphatic to the world around her. She likes to help those who need it and can even go a little too far sometimes with this. Luckily, Orcus does not care at all about anyone besides them. He tends to be her solid ground; he brings her head down from the clouds and forces her to see reality.

Two things are commonly with Sage: The extravagantly colored phoenix that is Orcus and a large bag housing the reanimated body of a rattlesnake. Her parents always said they wanted her to keep some weapon with her, so their compromise was this snake she calls a friend. Sage gets cold very easily and wears glasses, the irony of which does not escape her as her second strongest dominion is vision and she has lesser control of weather.
Ascensions and Legacies

The World Tier 2. Ascension to “THE VISTA”
After a long, difficult journey, the reward can often be the view. Vistas exist all over the world, and each view is as unique as the journey that gets a person there. Trials and tribulation overcome, scars earned, friends made and lost, all sacrifice and effort is made insignificant by the Vista. This is the path of a reward well-earned. You feel new possibilities within you. You can now access a pool of inner peace, using this to either calm yourself against fears and worries, or use it to calm others. The dominions flight, water, earth, and dust are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.The World Tier 2.
Necromancy | Legendary: control

Vision | Major: control

Weather | Minor

Phasing | Proficient : Control

Pathfinding | Proficient : Power

Invisibility | Minor

Mimicry | Minor

Character In-Depth

Sage grew up in a loving, large home. With three siblings, Sage was somewhat of a middle child. She never really felt like it, though. Sage's mother and father met when they both lived in the City. Anna and Robert Clemins lucked out quite a bit in their relationships. Not only did they fall in love, but their demons knew each other through previous humans. While this fact did not make them like each other any more than normal, neither had particularly rambunctious demons.

They married quickly, but it took four years of failed pregnancies to have their first child. No matter how relaxed Anna's demon was, it is a very difficult thing to share a human for any length of time, let alone nine months. Even so, Nikki, Sage's oldest sibling, was born premature by two months. After that, Anna had one more successful pregnancy before another two year gap riddled with failure. It made the couple extremely nervous when they finally got pregnant with Sage. Surprisingly, this pregnancy had plenty of discomfort but no serious issues. Sage's demon, Orcus, has said many times that this was only because he very much wanted another human and so could put up with being quiet and polite for nine months. Three years later, the couple had one more child that was a surprise on all accounts. Little Aaron had the most demure demon by all accounts.

When Anna and Robert got pregnant with their first child, they made the decision to leave the City to be closer with nature. In the City, they had been a successful private lawyer and salesman. They had saved up enough money to live comfortably in the country into their retirement. So, they moved. They opened a small shop where they sold produce they grew on their land as well as other goods from locals. When they were surprised by their youngest child, Anna chose to go back to law, though she kept close to home and only took small cases.

One of the first dominions to show for Sage was necromancy. This was startling to everyone involved. It happened most noticeably when her father sprayed a nest of wasps only to see their daughter playing with a swarm of them ten minutes later. It became a normal thing in the house to see Sage cleaning up her room with the help of a crow missing it's head or see a frog with a slightly squished looking head pushing a jar of cookies off the top shelf into Sage's waiting hands. And just as frequently they saw a young Sage crying over her now lifeless again friend as her control wore off. And she never once brought them back twice. Because of this, Sage rapidly got stronger in this ability so her little friends could stay with her as long as she could keep them.

All in all, Sage had a loving childhood. She helped in the shop or played in the fields nearby. It was a simple childhood and the family never felt like they were wanting for anything. As Sage grew older, Orcus grew more and more stir crazy. He wanted to go back to the City, wanted to be in that fast paced world. When she turned eighteen, Sage found herself wanting to leave as well, being drawn to the idea of adventure. And so, after a year of preparing and general nervousness, she was finally ready to make the move.

Demon Information

Sage and Orcus have, of course, been together forever. Well, a human's forever. For Orcus, it really hasn't been very long at all. 19 years to a 6,322 year old demon didn't seem like much. Then again, on a demon scale, Orcus was not all that old either. He does boast quite a bit(if a bit meant a LOT) about his previous times with the Humans. Quite a few powerful leaders have had this demon as their companion, as well as a few entertainers. How much of that you want to believe is up to you. Orcus tends toward the dramatic side with his usual form of a smoldering phoenix. The flames, of course, are only for show but the flare is not. He has been known to throw temper tantrums by bursting into flames and turning into a pile of ashes, only to make Sage stand in one spot, waiting for him to turn back. Strong willed, sarcastic, and vocal about his opinions, Orcus also has a particularly large soft spot for his humans, though he absolutely would never say it. He also hates the nickname Orcie, and absolutely no one shall be permitted to call him that(except Sage, though reluctantly).

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