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Bal Rosu

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Stefanos Milatos
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Ex-Invidia Vice Lord / Loan Shark & Bookie

Character Summary

Full Name Balaur Roșu
Pronunciation Ba-la-oor Row-shoo
Gender Male
Demon Species Dragon
Appetite Burnt Flesh, Rough Sex, Unrepentant Violence & Stolen Gold
Sexuality Greedysexual
Relationship Single
Alignment Lawful Evil

Bal (Bahl) is a greedy, selfish dragon. He has many particular appetites: flesh should be properly charred before eating, sex should be bone-jarring and nothing says hello like a punch in the face, but he is first and foremost driven to hoard, as most dragons are. To these ends, Bal rarely thinks about others beyond their usefulness to him and how they might satisfy his varied needs. Despite his apparent ruthless and recalcitrant behaviour, Bal adheres to the golden rule of draconic law – it is practically fused into his demonic blood – Thy Word Is Thy Bond. As such, Bal abhors lying and any form of duplicity, and he holds great stock in the meaning of contracts (be they written or verbal).

Those who need a sizable influx of cash or who want to lay down some serious coin on a bet talk to Bal. To call him a loan shark and bookie is a bit of an understatement, he would call himself a financier and special interests investor. Those who are smart only approach the dragon with a worthwhile proposition lest he be insulted – fair warning.

Bal lives and works out of an old Turkish bath in Grootslang called Yıldızsu. There are no signs marking the baths, but a few coins and the right word and one of the locals can be persuaded to show the way.

Bal is an associate within the Kairos organization. He is rumoured to have some connection to the Invidia family.

Ascensions and Legacies


Minor | Control


Legendary | Power

Gold Touch

Greater | Power


Legendary | Control


Proficient | Control

Superior Strength

Greater | Power

Pocket Space

Lesser | Power


Minor | Power


Proficient | Power

Character In-Depth

Six Foot Two Height
Touch of Sun Skin
Silvery Green Brown Eyes
Brown Hair
Lean Muscular Build
Many Tattoos
Many Piercings
Healthy Health

He has had many names over the centuries, but Balaur is his favorite. In Romanian folk lore, a balaur is a snaked who was buried underground for too long and transformed into to dragon. For every decade the snake lay buried, it grew another head, and when it finally did emerge, it ravage the countryside with fire. In every myth you can find a spark of truth, and while Bal may only have one head, he can still hear the screams of Romanian peasants and taste the smell of charred flesh and acrid ash. Ah those were the days.

From the Romanian countryside, to the jungles of kmer, Bal has roamed throughout his existence. No matter where he has gone, or what he has been called, Bal has remained the same greedy and selfish dragon that he was when he was born.

Demon Information

Bal is a motherf*cking dragon. He doesn't revert to his natural form often anymore, at least not in public. But he does sometimes sleep atop his hoard in his draconian form - there is something satisfying about the feel of gold against his scales.

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