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Karim Mahmoud Magdi

So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Badr al-Zidane
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Spirit Detectives
Researcher by day, sword by night

Character Summary

Karim is the baby of the family, and he exudes it. Spoilt, that’s the word for it. Used to fine men, fine women, fine suits, and good food, since he’s an adept cook who knows all the best upscale places to eat halal in the tri-county area. If that were all there was to him, he’d be as shallow as some take him for: that, however, is not all there was to him, not by a longshot.

The dearest things to him are his big sister, giving back to his community and his God. He found a meaning in Islam that his sister Leyla did not. In the circles of peers he moves through during his drifting, extroverted social life, Leyla was a constant figure, grounding him, pushing him to achieve, and spoiling him mercilessly. He remembers the packed lunches that appeared in his locker as if by magic with a tender fondness, and still has many handwritten notes from Leyla. Those lunches still appear every once in awhile, mysteriously showing up at his workstation. Many of his friends loudly envied their close relationship; many of their friend’s parents pointed out Karim and Leyla and said to their own children, exasperated, can’t you be more like them?
Ascensions and Legacies

Death Tier 1. Ascension to “THE BLOODWORT"

The path of the bloodwort is one of madness, illness, and hysteria. The words sardonic grin were coined for the symptoms of bloodwort: your lips curl up into a grin as the toxins cause convulsions that eventually lead to death. The bloodwort is a figure of self-destruction.

You feel new possibilities within you. The dominions necromancy, necrosis, biomancy, and blood are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

Pheromones: Legendary.
Shape Shifter: Greater.
Superior Senses: Minor.
Combustion: Minor.
Dreams: Lesser.
Pathfinding: Minor.
Biomancy: Lesser.
Telepathy: Proficient.

Character In-Depth

Karim has known all of Leyla’s secrets since they were children. He knew Leyla loved women before she’d come to terms with it enough to tell him. He laughed when she told him and explained succinctly that he didn’t know how she could choose—men and women were both so beautiful. She taught him the word bisexual, he’s used it since. He’s her active partner-in-crime, her confidante. When his parents heard rumors she went without the hijab in school he told an active and robust lie that he kept up convincingly for years, until the accident.

He was seven years her junior, and so her stories and games were more magical to him than to her, perhaps. He was an impressionable child, always loud and talking, to the point of getting himself in trouble with neighborhood bigots and their children.

Then came the accident, the day in the junkyard he went looking for her, and found his sister convulsing, foaming at the mouth. He didn’t want to leave her, but terrified, he knew he had to act fast. He found the junkman’s phone and dialed 911. He was allowed to ride in the ambulance with her, since he lied and said he didn’t know how to get home. He refused to leave her side until their parents came and carried him away.

After that, she changed.

It wasn’t all the seizures. Part of it was her hitting adolescence hard, and not being nearly so inclined to fool around with her baby of a brother. He blamed himself for years for her accident. Even now, as an adult, he still feels that irrational echo of survivor’s guilt.

In some ways, it was good for them to get some distance, no matter how he missed her. He went from Leyla’s gawky kid brother to school heartthrob pretty fast after eighth grade, when he shot up like a weed summer of freshman year. He liked to talk, he liked to fool around, but more than all of that combined, he liked helping people. He’s stood up to every bully he’s ever met, sometimes with disastrous consequences. When Leyla was making her own space and place for herself, Karim was doing much the same thing.

They stayed in touch, and one day, nineteen-year-old Karim, after the pre-dawn Fajr prayer, called his sister, excited by an idea that had been percolating in him for a while. If anyone could build this, she could, he thought—and he was right.

His grand idea? An exosuit. Metal armor. The hero bug had bit Karim hard, and after all, he argued stubbornly through all the hours, days, weeks spent wheedling his way through Leyla’s refusal, some of the Spirit Detectives looked no older than him—some looked measurably younger, in fact.

Finally, she built it with design input of his—black and sleek as a lamborghini, he told her (dweeb, she replied)—and Karim found the joy of flight. He tried to start small—stopping a bank robbery in progress—but he nearly got his fool ass killed. He succeeded, though. He tried to tell Leyla that was the important thing when he saw her next.

The papers dubbed him Onyx, with some quiet tip-offs by Leyla.

After that it was the time-honored rookie hero schtick. He’s starting to build some cred, though. By day a researcher and major shareholder at his sister’s business Mahmoud Incorporated, by night a hero, and finding the joys of one night stands with people of every gender in the meantime.


Cooking and scientific acumen are at the top of his list of talents. Empathy and kindness are things he excels at. He’s a very talented seducer, as well, and throws great alcohol-free parties. Extroverted and fun to be around, he’s incredibly open-minded.


Karim lives in the lap of luxury thanks to his extraordinary wealth (he’s got dough). He’s incredibly fit, which is amazing considering how much he loves cooking and food. He has an accurate memory, and is very quick-witted. He has a seventh-level intellect. The rest of his abilities are covered in Gear.


The Onyx suit, a sleek black exosuit of metal, grants him a few abilities: the power of flight, augmented strength, and a varied arsenal of weaponry, most noticeably including many non-lethal alternatives, if he gets a chance to use them.


He’s merely mortal, playing a game with monsters and near-Gods. He heals at a human rate, and if it weren’t for the suit, might be easily crushed. He’s spoiled: he grew up without having to learn the value of hard work or money management, so he didn’t. Though he is at heart a good man, this spoiling comes out in a variety of aspects of his life. He’s stubborn and mule-headed, not to mention fickle, flighty, even capricious with lovers.

Demon Information

Karim’s demon generally takes the form of a fennec fox. He has never communicated to Karim, so Karim doesn’t know his name or preferred gender. He’s defaulted to nicknames and masculine pronouns, both of which are remnants of his less circumspect childhood.

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