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Crow Masayoshi

I'm forever black-eyed, the product of a broken home.
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Godfrey Gao
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Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age

Character Summary

Trigger Warnings: Child Abuse (Emotional, Physical, Sexual), Homophobia, Learning Differences, Sex Trafficking

If Crow Masayoshi embodied a cardinal sin, it would be lust. His sense of himself is warped and grandiose, though if you peel back enough layers you’ll find a bitter boy who learned the wrong lessons too soon. That doesn’t negate the nasty aspects of his personality—on the contrary, it makes it worse that he would bully others to exorcise his own demons—but it does shed light on the psyche of a man who has an affinity to despair, his own and others. A fighter and a trichophiliac of such proportions that it’s a wonder he gets anything done when he sees another man’s well-kempt hair, Crow is hardly a nice character, but not as black as they paint. At times, he can be quite pathetic. At times, he can be a real bastard. Can't we all?

He will steal your dog if you mistreat her.

Hometown: Family is Okinawan, grew up between Okinawa and Tokyo.

Native Language: Okinawan Japanese and also the Ryukyuan language's Uchinaaguchi dialect

Other Languages Spoken: Fluent in Tokyo dialect of Japanese, English, Mandarin, and Korean.

The Ribald Raven from sekah on 8tracks Radio.

Ascensions and Legacies
The Hanged Man Tier 2. Ascension to “THE SACRIFICIAL LAMB”
The sacrificial lamb is well-cared-for, allowed to partake of the best feed and given the best care. This is all in preparation for the slaughter. Though the sacrificial lamb is usually well-loved and perhaps even venerated, it is only because of the symbol they represent and the sacrifice that they are expected to give - willingly or otherwise.
You feel new possibilities within you. You can now easily ingratiate yourself with others, and people often are extremely generous with you. However, people are now also less loyal to you and will sacrifice you to put themselves ahead. You can now protect others: you gain +1 on all dice rolls when fighting to or trying to protect someone. You can take some of another person’s pain, emotional, psychological, or physical, and pull it into yourself, thus relieving them of part of it. You can also take wounds from someone else and put them onto your body. The dominions scrying, psychic, empathy, and electricity are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

Dominion 1: Superior Speed

Mastery: Proficient

Dominion 2: Scrying

Mastery: Major

Dominion 3: Weather

Mastery: Greater

Dominion 4: Phasing

Mastery: Lesser

Dominion 5: Animal

Mastery: Proficient

Dominion 6: Pheromones

Mastery: Proficient

Character In-Depth

Crow was brilliant, but Crow was also dyslexic. In his early years, his genius was never recognized. His mother was an unforgiving businesswoman who had him out of wedlock, and believed in the value of discipline that went well beyond that and into the realm of physical and sexual abuse. He was put in a feeder school for Tōdai as a toddler, mostly on his mother’s merits and his high verbal acumen. But he was almost demoted, lagging far behind the other students at reading, and reported for vicious bullying of his classmates.

Unpopular, disliked, thought stupid, one teacher made the difference in this young man’s education. She got frustrated enough to ask this boy they all thought a fool to add up all the whole numbers from one to one hundred before he went home. He had just turned eight, the week before. He looked up at the sky for a moment, mouth open, and then turned his chin down. “5050,” he said, in his sibilant little boy’s speech, and got up to go out to play.

His teacher realized, pulling him back and questioning him and then his demon, that not only had he discovered what the famous mathematician Gauss did, he’d discovered it at a younger age.

Stunned, realizing he couldn’t be unintelligent (or rather, nothing could be farther from the truth), she started looking into learning disorders. Thanks to her work, he was diagnosed with dyslexia, a rare diagnosis in Japan as opposed to the US or England.

If, at the same time as that small triumph in a little boy’s life—beginning, behind his classmates, to learn to read—he had also been removed from the steadily amounting abuses of his home life, he might have had a chance for a happier childhood.

Another very important event came around that time: the birth of his little sister Hana. Their mother tried to leave Hana alone, as Crow was left, but Crow wasn't having it. He learned to change diapers so he could change his sisters. He sang to her. He threw himself into her care, with love and affection that was true and real.

Crow soothed every tantrum, rocked her to sleep night after night. Crow fought for her, faced down grown men for her, has killed for her.

It wasn't enough, of course—the efforts of one little boy—but he tried.

It was a few years later that his mother caught him kissing another boy. Emi Masayoshi followed no dogma that should have made her bigoted, but she was a bigot, nonetheless. The boy, who Crow (as he’d started to like to be called by people when not in front of his mother) had had his first crush on, was half-Korean. His mother broke his arm, and taught him a new word: Okama. Fag.

He told the police he’d fallen down the stairs. His mother began selling or giving him to older women. And of course, as he got older, more injuries began to crop up. Crow internalized his homophobia until he thought it would make him sick. He became popular in an empty way, mostly just finding the kids who would do what he said and having them do so, while he thought up worse and worse uses for his genius.

No record exists of Crow as a juvenile delinquent, but he absolutely was. He wanted to get out, he wanted to get anywhere, but it wasn’t until he was 18, and he had scars on his back from his mother’s worst beating ever, that he ran away from home. Tricked into thinking he was being recruited for modeling, he was instead a victim of sex trafficking.

He earns money in his new profession, enough that three years later, at 21, he went back to his mother with an ultimatum. Either he go to the police and prosecute her to the full extent of the law for the frankly shocking abuse suffered by him and his little sister, or she allow him to become Hana's legal guardian. Since then, when Hana was thirteen, Crow has been her legal guardian, doing the best he can to give her the life he never had.

Now, Crow is subsisting, existing, resisting, having used the money he got whoring to put his sister through school.

He loves Hana a great deal more than he loves himself.

Demon Information

His fears about his own sexuality centered around a cartoon character popular as a boy: Karasu, the openly gay antagonist of the anime Yu Yu Hakusho. Karasu came to embody everything he hated about himself—and everything he loved, too. Theirs is a complex relationship, since in some ways, the Demon is feeding off of his masochism, and his pain.

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