Demon Realm

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Demon Realm's Guidebook

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Prior to 1723 the world had two histories: the history born from the account of man, and the history documented from the perspective of the others. From that moment on, the future unraveled in unpredictable and fantastic ways. This world may look similar to what you know… but trust me, it's different.

Before 1723 a barrier separated the realm of man from what we call the realm of demons. Prior to 1723 contact made by humans with the realm of demons was limited to unintentional, unconscious slips. Nightmares, comas and other conditions of a similar nature were the marks of human involvement in the demonic realm, while interactions of demons with the realm of man were in turn identified as paranormal phenomena. Ghostly afterimages, weird occurrences: the strange stuff that bore legend and superstition. Before 1723, the realms existed simultaneously in parallel planes, separated by that barrier. The barrier delegated each realm as a specific, separate reality with only occasional interlopers.

Until it stopped separating realities altogether. Humans don't know how it happened or why it happened, but in 1723 Blank created the break that shattered the barrier. Though things like water, mirrors, and death always made the barrier weak, whatever happened in Dubai in 1723 broke the barrier completely. In the years that followed, the entire fabric of time and space was altered. The realms of demons and humans? They collided and merged. The entities that had preyed upon a person’s unconscious psyche suddenly became both tangible and conspicuous.

History back then was rough. There were plenty of apocalypse-now mayhem and mischief, a few wars, tons of blood and gore . . . but lucky for you, demons didn’t really want to wipe out mankind. In fact, demons needed us. They still do.

Needless to say, stuff has evened out since then. While we were never able to go back to the way things were, life isn't all that bad.

… Assuming you don't mind a little possession or demonic attachment.

I'm joking.

… Kinda.