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Demon Realm's Guidebook

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This guidebook entry is a required read, please make sure to read it thoroughly

Site Rules

1 | Registration

Demon Realm is an 18+ forum — you MUST be 18 or older to play on it. Your first account registered must be your OOC account; it will become your master account that all your characters are linked to for use in the member directory. When you register a character account, please make sure to have your character's name in proper capitalization, e.g. John Doe. If you make a mistake, don't be afraid to ask a staff member to change it for you.

2 | Inclusion

We are a site that is very friendly to minority peoples, religions, genders, sexualities, neurodivergences, and in all our interactions we strive to keep things that way. If an issue in representation, or any kind of negative interaction with staff or another player, should come up, please bring it to Sekah's attention. Don't worry, even if she's the one who's overstepped. She wants all her members to feel safe on the site. Also, a note: please do not use white European or white European diaspora face claims for characters of color.

3 | RP Etiquette

Please don't god mod, power play, or introduce something into a thread without discussing with the other writer if it's okay. Your character may be in charge of theirs on the site, but you, the writer, have no control over that other writer. Communicate with them, it's the only way to make things fun for everyone.

4 | Multiple Characters

You may create as many characters as you want. We do not have a limit on how many characters you may have. However, to submit a new character for review you must be able to pay the required fee in OOC points (see the OOC Points Rewards Shop)!

5 | Face Claims

All human characters and solo demons can have either a real life, celebrity face claim, a human art face claim, or no face claim. If using a celebrity's face, the celebrity's required to be 18+. Political figures and politicians cannot be used as a celebrity face claim. Demons — solo, civil or primal — can have any face claim under the sun, including drawn and fantastical. If you're using a piece of art that's not a professional's work—so not directly taken from a popular manga or comic page or screencapped from an anime or cartoon—please credit that artist in the face claim box on your character's profile. If you have an official artwork of some kind as your character's face, you don't have to credit. If you're using a small-time fanartist or original artist's work, please credit them!

Demons attached to humans cannot be listed among the official face claims. Only humans and solo demons using a celebrity face claim can reserve faces/be listed on the face claim page. Avatar size is 250 x 400px, profile header size is 900 x 430px.

6 | Activity

Activity checks will be done on a monthly basis. You will have a week to save your characters from elimination. In order to save the characters, you will have to have made an IC post with the character you'd like to save in the last month (technology posts count as an IC post). If you lose a character and want to re-apply, the character(s) you have must all each have 10 posts.

7 | Explicit

Explicit content is allowed on DR with no content restrictions, but the use of [18+] and [TW] tags is still mandatory. Please remember to use the thread tag system when posting, and remember to use the most important, e.g. if your post is open but mature, use the [18+] tag; if your post is mature but has trigger warnings, use the [TW] tag.

9 | Leaders

No one may play more than two characters who are leaders, which are Captains of the Legion or Vice Lords of Kairos. Additionally, a leader character has special activity requirements: 6 IC posts instead of 1. If you fail to make those six posts, you get a second chance to keep your leader active. If you ever miss the six posts minimum on a second month, however, consecutively or not, your character will no longer be a leader, and that particular character won't be eligible to gain leadership again! Try to only make a leader character if you like plotting with many different people, because these positions are the closest to site canons we have!

Frequently Asked Questions

“How exactly do you get into or leave the City?”
This one's easy. You've got to want to find it. Then you will, within twenty minutes. Or you've got to want to leave it. Then you will find yourself fading, within twenty minutes. For newbies, there are all sorts of tricks to learn how to get into and leave the City — and also how to not catch yourself wishing you were anywhere else and twenty minutes later finding yourself there. For long-time city-goers, though, it's like driving. You do it and you barely think about it. Also, you can get hopelessly lost and create the tower, though in some cases you may find yourself suddenly walking the City's streets. Anywhere in the world, getting lost will create the tower, which can open on just about any floor. The only time it doesn't work like that is if you're submerged in or surrounded by water — then you show up twenty minutes later at the harbor with no tower to walk up to. You cannot leave the City if you've got any form of anti-dominion technology on you or around you. Also, if someone's about to shoot you or holding you captive, it's impossible to leave the City quickly enough to get away without them realizing what you're doing and just pulling the trigger. Exercise caution. Also, anyone touching you (including your clothes or holding an object touching you) will leave the City along with you, and you'll end up reappearing in the same place, too.
“What language do people speak in the City?”
Languages are magically translated within the City, but not outside it. You'll hear everything said to you in your native tongue, unless you speak the same language they're speaking reasonably well. Speaking your native language will be understood no matter what language you speak.
“Does the City have a sky, or can you see the bottom of the floor above you, like a dome?”
Only the Panopticon has a dome instead of the sky. The hitches that you can ride between floors rise and fall, however, and if you fly far enough up you'll find yourself on a new floor.
“With human and demon pairs, who uses the dominion?”
Both of them! A human can use the dominion without the consent or willingness of the demon, or the demon can use it without the consent or willingness of the human.
“Are demons corporeal or incorporeal?”
The answer to this depends on whether they're a companion demon tied to a human or a solo demon. All companion demons can be incorporeal, corporeal but invisible, "inside" their hosts (and thus tied to their nerve endings and bodily functions — feeling pain or pleasure when they do), and can even waft through solid objects. They can also be visible and corporeal, walking around and interacting with objects and other people like a human or animal. Every companion demon can do any of those things whenever they want to. If a demon is not attached to a human, which we call a solo demon, they can only be visible and corporeal, barring the possession of a dominion which allows them to pass through objects or turn invisible. They have a body like a human's, it's much harder to change forms than it is for a companion demon, and the body cannot do most things a human cannot, barring the possession of a dominion that makes it possible.
“Can human and demon pairs go to different places?”
A civil or primal companion demon cannot get more than ten paces away from its human. From the day your character was born, until the day they die, their demon is always with them, always less than ten paces away.
“What happens if the demon companion is killed, or the human is killed?”
If a demon is killed, the human will die within twenty minutes. If a human is killed, the demon will recycle back into the demon realm immediately, until its rebirth with another human child.
“What types of marriage are legal in the City?”
The City is very open to marriages of all kinds. Both same-sex marriage and polygamous marriage are legal in the City. So long as consenting adults agree to the union, they can be legally bound.
“Can I use <*style> tags in my posts?”
As long as you aren't using them to change the site layout or make your stuff unreadable, you sure can! However, you have to take into consideration one thing; all of your css must be presented on one line — no line breaks, no pressing "enter" — otherwise it won't work. For example:

.class1 { color: red; }

Will not work, but this will!

<*style>.class1 { color: red; }<*/style>
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